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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spend the Evening with Producer, Director, and Cinematographer Randall P Dark 03/10 by Deadly Reads Radio | Entertainment Podcasts

Spend the Evening with Producer, Director, and Cinematographer Randall P Dark 03/10 by Deadly Reads Radio | Entertainment Podcasts: Randall P. Dark is a pioneer in the digital media industry and renowned expert in emerging technologies. Recently Randall produced the 100-year history of Film and Television trailer, called 'Moving Images' for SMPTE. THE trailer showcasing George Lucas was shown at NAB 2015. Presently Randall is producing 'Your House Has a Footprint' for television and writing and 'Easter Frog, The Brains Behind the Bunny' for theatrical release and interactive APP distribution. Recent projects include: Executive Producer for 'Angels Sing' starring Harry Connick Jr, Connie Britton, Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson as Santa. This feature film is being distributed by LionsGate. Angels Sing is airing on the Hallmark Channel. Randall also shot the 'The Making of Angels Sing' that is included behind the scenes interviews that is in the DVD Release. 'Closing Escrow' that aired on Mark Cuban's HDNet was Executive Produced by Randall. He produced and directed two 3D documentaries that were shot in Tennessee and directed a 3 Camera shoot at the Stone Forest in the Yunnan Province of China. Randall was the cinematographer for 'Land Of The Giants – Exploring The Coast Redwoods' the first HDTV program for the National Park Service in 1997 for the visitors center theater in Redwood National Park, California. Randall has many more accomplishments. Read them here.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Grand Central Station - by Marsha Casper Cook- Love And Family

Title: Grand Central Station
Author: Marsha Casper Cook       
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

A famous child psychologist, who has authored several bestselling books on raising children, discovers he doesn’t know as much as he thought he did when he meets a pediatrician and mother of three. Neither of them imagined how their lives would change when they shared a flight headed for Las Vegas for a medical convention. 

For Jack Winston and Victoria Feingold, whatever happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It follows them back to Chicago. 

Jack doesn’t want to fail, but he’s not sure he’s emotionally prepared to live with Victoria’s three children. Not to mention her mother, sister, dog, and needy ex-husband. 

Grand Central Station is a fast-paced ride and a lot of fun! 

About Marsha
Marsha is a Chicago screenwriter, as well as an author and radio show personality on Blog Talk Radio. Her World Of Ink Network partner for the last five years is V.S.Grenier, author, editor and radio show host who lives in Utah. Marsha's group discussions are about writing and publishing. She also does special shows on many subjects but every year for the last five she has an OCTOBER BREAST CANCER AWARENESS SHOW. 

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