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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


*****  MARK’S LIST  ****

Low Cost Ebook Formatting and Cover Design

Latest update:  March 16, 2015

This list is divided into two sections:  Ebook formatters and Ebook cover designers.

The professionals on this list are freelancers.  You’re hiring the freelancer, not Smashwords. Most are fellow Smashwords authors. We make this list available to you as a public service. We do not collect or accept referral fees or commissions from these service providers, and cannot warrant the quality of their work.

Please pay the service provider in advance via PayPal.
We recommend you consider these service providers only for the specialty category of service under which they're listed.
Feel free to report your experiences (positive or otherwise) back to Mark Coker of Smashwords at first initial second initial at  The service providers may also report back to Mark, so please be professional and follow the instructions below.

To expedite communications with your chosen provider, add them to your email’s white list (a.k.a. "safe list") so reply emails don’t go to your spam folder.

If Smashwords formatting or cover design requirements change in the future, and your ebook requires modification, it is not the responsibility of the service provider or Smashwords to revise your book for you.


Most formatters will assure your placement in the Smashwords Premium Catalog for distribution to retailers listed here:

Review the Smashwords Style Guide to learn how ebook formatting is different from print formatting (ebooks cannot and should not look like a facsimile of the print book, for example).  If you don’t have the time, skills or patience to implement the Style Guide, then hire from this list.

Novels, narrative non-fiction and narrative with images produce the highest quality ebooks at Smashwords. Novels are the easiest to format. Some formatters charge more for non-fiction, images and linked Tables of Contents (ToCs) due to greater complexity.

Email your chosen provider your complete manuscript as a Word document, and ask them to estimate their fee.

Please note that "formatting" is very different from editing.  Formatters do not perform editing, copy editing or proofreading because it is not their responsibility. If your book is filled with gross typographic errors, Smashwords cannot accept it into the Premium Catalog, even if the formatting is perfect.

Do not ask the formatter to upload your file to Smashwords for you. You must do this yourself (it's easy!). Click here for instructions


Ebook Launch Formatting
Formatting starting at $19 for novels and $49 for other types of ebooks.
To get started, click on the following link:
Word doc, Pages, Open Office, RTF, TXT files accepted. Premium Catalog guaranteed.