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Friday, January 24, 2014



RB's Stage 32 News, Notes, Discussions, and Other Fun Stuff (January 24th, 2014)

Hello 32'ers. Ready for the weekend? Here's some cool reading and information to accompany your coffee or cocktail.
One of the big stories this week was Harvey Weinstein declaring that he is plans to be more responsible regarding violence in the films he produces. Many are skeptical, including I. What say you?
On a related note, the director that put Weinstein's old company into the stratosphere, Quentin Tarantino, is quite upset that his latest script, The Hateful Eight, was leaked around Hollywood and has vowed not to make the script his next project.
Sundance is in full swing. Zach Brach's Kickstarter funded film has sold for multiple millions reviving the old debate of whether the deck more stacked than ever against the amateur filmmaker.
Some other news items:
  • Jonah Hill only was paid 60K for Wolf of Wall Street…A shrewd move
  • Paramount has stopped distributing movies on film
  • A list of all the distributors at Sundance
  • And a very cool inforgraphic on the sales history at Sundance
  • 21 network chiefs discuss the ones that got away amongst other things
  • The complete guide to television pilot season
  • …and much, much more…
I also have some really cool videos and tips for you to enjoy.
Hope you all have an awesome weekend.
Been a fabulous week for our New Years Resolution Next Level Webinar Series. Hundreds attended our two sessions this week and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There are two sessions left in the New Years Resolution series and both happen this week.
On Tuesday, we have How to Write a Sitcom in One Easy Webinar with 30 year directing and producing veteran, Diane Messias. Not only does Diane have the sitcom knowledge and experience, she's funny as hell. To learn more and to register, please click here: How to Write a Sitcom in One Easy Webinar
On Wednesday, world renowned dialect coach and acting teacher, Jon Sperry, takes center stage with Mastering the American Accent. Jon is the go-to dialect coach in Hollywood and has instructed actors such as Russell Crowe, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Harvey Keitel, Liam Neeson and more. To learn more and to register, please click here: Mastering the American Accent
Our first 9 Pitchfests have resulted in over 20 writers landing representation, securing sales, options or development deals, and securing meetings with Hollywood execs. For Pitchfest X, we've brought out the big dogs. Disney, Fox TV, WME, UTA, Paramount Insurge, and many, many more. Spots are filling up very quickly. To secure your spots, click here: Online Pitchfest X: The Big Dogs






Monday, January 20, 2014

Romance Books And Hot Topics - WOI Host Marsha Casper Cook 01/21 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

Welcome Back – Sizzling Authors. Join Marsha Casper Cook on Tuesday January 21 at 4 Eastern, 3 Central 2 Mountain 1 Pacific for Romance. We're Back!     

Great show planned co – host for the show is Elizabeth Black. 

Marsha and Elizabeth’s guest are Sable Hunter, Jean Joachim and Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton.

It’s back to Sizzling hot shows.  Going to be a great discussion and reading. Some of the authors will be reading short passages from their books.

Guest Call-in
(714) 242-5259

We’re live but will also be on demand right after the show is over  Join us!
Bethany Cross will be opening up the chat room and phone lines . 


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Broadcast in Books

 link to the  show
 Romance Books And Hot Topics - WOI Host Marsha Casper Cook 01/21 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

The Power of the Emotional Fuel Behind the Message

Posted: 01/15/2014 10:45 am

When we feel the message in your story, there is an imprint that the storyteller leaves with the receiver. We experience what you wanted to say and we connect our own history and emotions to it and walk away with a stronger sense of fulfillment of what the journey was all about. Stories that make us feel the fuel behind the pursuit are the stories that resonate on a universal level because the message is clear. We understand what is motivating the character toward the goal. There is a quote that encapsulates the experience of life and the idea of choice perfectly, "Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald. I love this quote. It reminds me that this is what story is all about. With the incredible batch of movies this year, I felt a variety of emotions for stories that came from a place of depth and a wide array of topics.
With the movie Nebraska, written by Bob Nelson and directed by Alexander Payne, we felt the pursuit of a son's desire to connect with his father by helping him on a pursuit that others considered frivolous. It is a story about belief. They go on a road trip. The father has to settle scores along the way. For the son, it was about the idea of allowing his father to believe in something as a way to give him purpose. In doing so, he gets a chance to get to know him more. I really connected with this. Now, the timing of just going through cancer with my mom certainly made the idea of this simple pursuit resonate even more. The humor was perfectly placed. There were lines that made you laugh out loud and moments that tugged at your heart and really made you feel what the storyteller intended. We understood the fuel behind the pursuit. Universally, the desire to connect with our parents before the time passes is a strong one. I loved this film.

With the movie 12 Years A Slave, screenplay written by John Ridley and directed by Steve McQueen, I felt so many emotions. One of the strongest emotions that I felt was anger. I really struggled with the concept of human behavior. This was the first movie I've been to where I seriously wanted to leave several times because the brutality hurt my heart. The power of the story, the performances and the pursuit of the central character are what kept me there because I wanted to know the answer to his quest. The universal idea of one day we have everything our heart could ever dream of and in a moment, it is taken away. How strong is our desire to get it back? Do we have the strength to survive? What did it all mean? Can we get back to a moment that will forever change as a result of the pursuit and the obstacles hit? This powerful story is a gift. It shows the true meaning of kindness and the will of the human spirit to feel unconditional love.

In the movie American Hustle, written by Eric Singer and David O. Russell and directed by David O. Russell, we feel the fictional story of a con man on a quest to survive with a woman that he loves. The two, Irving and Sydney, are caught in the middle of a con when she accepts a check from an undercover cop, Richie, and is arrested. They are given the choice of her giving up her freedom or the two of them helping Richie to get four more con artists like them. They realize to pull this heist off and free Sydney from returning to prison, they will have to make one final play. The idea of "People believe what they want to believe" resonates throughout. We feel the pursuit of moving from the idea of conning people for a living to the idea of legitimacy and truth. The emotional motivation behind the pursuit and the stakes were clear in this story. I loved the themes that were explored.

With the movie Philomena, screenplay written by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope and directed by Stephen Frears, we feel the story of a man who is dismissed from the Labour Party in disgrace and a woman who had her son taken away when she was an "inmate" at a Catholic convent. The pursuit is fueled by a mother's desire to find out whether she made the right choice in giving up her son. There is strong emotion behind this. He helps her in her pursuit and in doing so finds some of the answers to his own. Through her emotional responses to the obstacles that they hit on their quest, he is able to open his eyes to his own flaw and what is holding him back in his life. It is about a man's search for meaning as we see this odd couple learn about life through the conflicting perspectives that each of them has toward it and the choice that she thinks she made but discovers was really made for her.
In the movie Her, written and directed by Spike Jonze, we feel the pain of life after divorce through the lead Theodore. He purchases an OSI to help him cope with the loneliness. He falls in love with an Operating System named Samantha. The gift of this journey is that it is such an internal experience. The writer and director brilliantly figured out how to tell it externally. It is a movie about living after trauma and how we find closure when parts of our story end. I was totally immersed in the gift of this vision. Having gone through divorce, I know what it is to move through the filling of a hole after something major changes in your life. Universally, this hits all of us who've known the experience of love and loss.

Storytellers, when we feel your intent with clarity and can define the fuel behind the pursuit, you give us the gift of understanding your message and interpreting it in a way that speaks to our own journey.