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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Working With a Book Cover Designer

I couldn’t have said this better myself. Good information to know when working with a cover designer. Thanks to Peter Fritze for writing this useful tip.
Originally posted on Peter Fritze:
Blog 27Last post in my series of blogs on how to self-publish, I wrote about what a book cover design should achieve. As an author, to get the best result for your cover, it’s useful to know some tips about the process of working with a designer. I’m assuming here you’ve hired someone to create original art for your cover.
First off, if you’re expecting your designer to read your book as part of the design process, don’t. She’s unlikely to have the time (or interest), and depending on the schedule for your book release, your manuscript might not be in proper shape anyway.
Instead, be ready with a good, short synopsis, preferably written. Also, be clear about the book’s genre, mood and tone, perhaps comparing them to those of well-known books.
Next, have some ideas ready for her. In my first book, The Case for Killing, an abandoned railway track features (have…
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Writing Tip #1 – Passive Voice

One of the most common errors people make is writing in passive voice.  This slows down the action of your story and should be avoided as much as possible.  How do I recognize passive voice you ask? Passive voice always consists of a form of “be” and the past tense of the verb   Placing “had” or “have been” in front of your verbs is a quick way to recognize passive.  For example, The squirrels had been barked at by the dogs.  (passive voice)  The dog barked at the squirrels.  (Active voice -much more clean and it moves the action of the dog into the present and moves the story forward).
In Active Voice the subject acts
In Passive Voice the subject is acted upon.
Only use passive voice when the actor (subject) is unimportant or unknown.
Please add your tips for recognizing and dealing with passive voice.
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Welcome to Write with Kelly

Welcome to my blog. I’m so excited you decided to stop by and join me on my journey. I was inspired to begin this blog by another author who visited my author website and found a page there where I’d posted some writing tips. She was so intrigued by the tips and how much they helped her, I decided to begin a blog and write about my experiences as an author and the work I’ve done in the publishing industry.
Not only am I a published author with over 10 works to my credit, but I’m also a graphic artist, who works with book design and formatting. Through my company Select-O-Grafix, LLC., I have learned a great deal about the do’s and don’ts in the publishing industry and am eager to share them with you. We’ve dealt with everything from book cover design, book trailer design to building author promotion packages. We know what works with social media and what doesn’t. I’ll discuss topics like Building Your Author Brand, What Makes a Cover Eye-catching, and more…
My hope is together we can learn more about how to improve our craft and present ourselves to publishing houses and agents, or create a self-published work that is professional and engaging to readers. Because after all, we wouldn’t write if we didn’t want someone to enjoy it, right?
Please subscribe and follow me along this journey. I know you’ll discover many valuable tools to make you even better than you are today.
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Books by Kelly Abell     Cover Designs by Select-O-Grafix
Copyright 2014 by Kelly Abell
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