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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Divahound blog How Pinterest’s New “Place Pins” Can Help Promote Your Small Business

How Pinterest's New "Place Pins" Can Help Promote Your Small Business - Divahound
We can all agree on a few basic things about Pinterest: that it’s a beautifully designed platform, it’s mobile-friendly, and it does a great job of presenting photos in an elegant and aesthetically pleasing way.
But when it comes to how to use Pinterest to promote your small business, well, that’s still a bit murky.
Don’t get us wrong: we can all see the value of creating pin boards for products and getting followers to share your content.  That said, when compared to something cut-and-dried like an AdWords campaign or a Facebook News Feed ad, Pinterest’s promotional capabilities are little less intuitive.
That may change, however, with the launch of Pinterest’s new Place Pins.  As you may know, Pinterest has five types of “rich pins” that automatically include information within the pin.  And their new Place Pins could be a great way to promote your business.
The idea is simple.  When a user is, say, planning a road trip, they can create a map, and place their location with a Place Pin.  So if their location is a bar in San Francisco, the pin, which pulls information from Foursquare, will include the exact address and telephone number of the bar.
So how can small businesses use Place Pins to promote themselves?  First, ask followers to pin your location.  Also ask them to pin themselves with your product at their location.  And make your own maps — think a “Highway 1 Road Trip” — that people will want to share or “pin” on.
Need help getting your small business on Pinterest? We’re here to help! Contact Divahound today!

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