About Fifty Shades of Pink

Fifty Shades of PinkThe Fifty Shades of Pink Avon Breast Cancer Team – Santa Barbara, CA walks each and every year to benefit the fight against breast cancer.
Our team participates in the 2-Day, 39.3 mile Breast Cancer Walk in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  For one entire weekend, the team wakes up at 5am, deals with blisters the size of mountains, overcomes body aches (from body parts one should never ache from), and joins one large family consisting of thousands of walkers.
All in the hope that no other mother, sister, aunt, or friend will have to deal with breast cancer or the devastating loss it too often leaves behind.
As part of our fund raising efforts, Fifty Shades of Pink established an annual anthology of some of today’s hottest indie authors. The books are available in digital and print versions for a limited time and all proceeds benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.
More than a dozen authors from various genres come together to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.
See this year’s collection and get your digital or print copy today!

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