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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Very Intresting Book and Video!

Jess and Wiggle

Hardcover, 23 Pages
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Jess would rarely smile -- till the day she met Wiggle. Once there was a little girl With the cutest reddish curl Her name - how could you guess? It was simply - Jess. The text is hand-written in a whimsically designed font. Each color illustration for the poem is a hand-made collage. Note: The video animation version for Jess and Wiggle is separately available for purchase. Other books by Savta Uvi: Now I Am Paper Artwork by Savta Uvi: Uvi art Gallery

Please join Marsha Cook when she welcomes Uvi Poznansky on January  29 at 4PM CST 5 PM EST 3PMST 2 PM PST.

Here's the link to the show. Listen live or on demand. 

 Link to the show -

Uvi is not only an author she is an artist and a very educated woman who is constantly writing and painting. She is a woman who speaks with her heart. Uvi has published a poetry book and two children books, Jess and Wiggle and Now I Am Paper. Apart From Love is her debut novel.
Her versatilele body of work can be seen online at It includes poetry in English and Hebrew, short stories, bronze and ceramic sculptures, oil and watercolor paintings, charcoal, pen and pencil drawings, and mixed media.

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Jack Remick - Gabriela and The Widow

TITLE: Gabriela and The Widow
AUTHOR: Jack Remick
PUBLISHER: Coffeetown Press
FORMATS: Paperback, Kindle
PAGES: 280
PRICE: Paperback - $14.95, Kindle - $6.95
ISBN – 10: 1603811478
ISBN – 13: 9781603811477
ASIN: B00AYQ5582

Gabriela and The Widow is a different story about growing up. It’s about Gabriela, whose village is raided and loses her mother when she’s just thirteen years old. She has no family left due to this brutal massacre. Who will help her grow into a woman?
After the massacre, Gabriela’s journey through life begins. Walking to the nearest village, her mother dies in the Mexican jungle. Gabriela has to bury her along the side of the footpath, and then continues on the arduous journey. When she arrives, she finds herself a LaPatrona and is nothing more than a slave. The LaPatrona makes a deal with the Scarfaced Man to sell her for sex. Somehow, Gabriela escapes this but her fate in life seems to get worse and worse…until she starts to work for The Widow.

The Widow is a dying ninety – two year old woman named La Viuda and Gabriela is her caretaker. Not only does Gabriela do all the cooking, cleaning and the personal care for La Viuda, she works daily with La Viuda on The List. But La Viuda is kind to her. Something that Gabriela hasn’t known since her parents were alive.

The List is a fascinating journey through La Viuda’s life and she wants it written up before her death. Day after day, Gabriela compiles boxes of slips of paper, photographs, coins, letters and more. She listens to La Viuda’s stories about each object and writes the story down. Slowly, Gabriela gets the list written in proper order. In the process, La Viuda teaches her to be a woman and soon the two are one.
This recently published book (January 15, 2013) fascinated me with all the detail written in the book. The seamless mixing of Spanish and English helped bring this young adult book to life! Even though Gabriela and The Widow starts when Gabriela is thirteen years old, I wouldn’t recommend this book for that age since the real story starts when she’s nineteen years old.

You can find out more about the author, Jack Remick, and Gabriela and The Widow at his website at Mr. Remick also has a Facebook fanpage at

If you’d like to order your own copy of this tale of Gabriela and The Widow you can find it on You can also purchase this book on the publisher’s website at Get your copy today!

If you would like a free copy of Gabriela and The Widow for your library, just leave a comment and contact me at sasha1119 AT yahoo DOT com.
I’ll throw everyone’s name who contacts me into a hat for a drawing of the free copy. Then I’ll contact you for your mailing address so I can mail Gabriela and The Widow out to you immediately!

Book Tour -Cheryl Carpinella-

yl Carpinello WOI January 2013 Tour    


 About the Author:
Although a retired teacher, Cheryl Carpinello still has a passion for working with kids. She regularly conducts Medieval Writing Workshops for local elementary/middle schools and the Colorado Girl Scouts. She is not the only one who loves Medieval Times and the King Arthur Legend. The kids thoroughly enjoy writing their own medieval stories complete with dragons, wizards, unicorns and knights! She loves to travel and her other job is with a major airline. Her favorite trip was a two week visit to Egypt with her husband that included traveling by local train from one end of Egypt to the other. Some of her favorite books include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Once and Future King, and any by the duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Follow Cheryl Carpinello at
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Publisher Website:

Some stories become legend while some legends become stories!

About the Books:
The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table)
Experience the true meaning of friendship and loyalty as three friends, motivated by their belief in the Wild Man’s innocence, embark upon life-changing quests testing their limits and forcing each to confront and conquer their fears or face humiliation and/or even death, in their attempt to save their friend.
ISBN: 978-1-77127-056-4 
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing