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Friday, January 11, 2013

Children's Authors Welcome


To read  your children's picture book on, It's Story Time, which is on three Saturdays each month at 10am est, 9AM cst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst.  

Authors can come on and read their picture books, (for stateside authors only.) The show is free for listeners and for the author, and the show is archived--meaning it can be listened to at another time and many times over.

Books can be a storybook/picture book and be at least 8 to 15 minutes long when read aloud or if your book is shorter we can read your book with that of another author's of the same duration on one show.  No non-fiction or religious books, please. 
WHAT Is Needed From YOU:
. We need you to send a physical copy of the book. The book is needed even though you are reading the book yourself on the show to see the length of the book, scan and display 5 pictures from it, one being the cover, have it in case we have technical problems to finish the show. (It does happen! :D )

We give the books you send us to the Children's Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
. We Need you to Call in the show at 10 minutes to show time: 10am est, 9AM cst, 8AM mst &   
                       7AM pst. WE will send you an email with the phone number to call and the show's 
                       link at Blog Talk Radio.

It's a fun show and the connections and listeners grow bigger with each broadcast.  
Here's the link, check It's Story Time on The World of Ink Network out: 
It's Story Time,on the WORLD OF INK NETWORK: " &

To contact email:

BOOKS BY MADISON MONTGOMERY: Visit Madison and Bethany at

BOOKS BY MADISON MONTGOMERY: Visit Madison and Bethany at Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

Elizabeth Arnitia - World Of Ink Network Book Tour 2013

World of Ink Network
M E D I A  R E L E A S E

Partner & Founder, World of Ink Network
Phone: 435-625-1743
Elizabeth Arnita is available for speaking and signing events.

For Immediate Release

Author Elizabeth Arnita joins the 2013 World of Ink Virtual Tour 

The World of Ink Network will be touring author Elizabeth Arnita’s Children’s Christian Picture book, BABY COME HOME published by Halo Publishing Int. throughout January 2013.

All proceeds from book sales support Welcome the Children, a nonprofit helping children in poverty.

About the Book:
“Baby Come Home” is a story of the young bird, “Baby”, who learns the value of unconditional love and acceptance after he decides to break free from the confinement of his cage and those who love him most. The story gives children a different perspective on rules and why we need to obey them while also offering a teaching on the unconditional love our perfect God has for His imperfect people. 

 ISBN:  978-1-61244-087-3
Genre of Book:  Children’s Christian Picture Book
Copyright 2013

Places available for sale:  Internet/Online, Church Book Store

About the Author: 
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Arnita is the youngest of 12 children. She learned early in life about family dynamics and the concept of sharing. After graduating in 1983, with a degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, Elizabeth married Shadi and they have been blessed with four fabulous children. Her love for the Lord has opened her eyes to a world in need and ignited her compassion for those who are less fortunate. She and her husband founded and continue to manage Welcome The Children; a non-profit organization that funds and supports children who are experiencing the reality of poverty. Elizabeth Arnita has designated all of the proceeds from her book sales to support WTC.

You can find out more about Elizabeth Arnita, her books and World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

Find out more about Welcome the Children at

To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit  


Full Media Kit, Photos and more are available upon request electronically.


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