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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Update on MAGICBLOX -

MagicBlox LLC
Interview with Jason Lane - A Good Story Is A Good Story

Creator Community Update

June 2013
Hi everyone!  We are out of the dark again and have some nice momentum.  Since we relaunched the site a few weeks ago, the response has been phenomenal.  All of the fixes and improvements we've made are working and we're signing up dozens of users every day.  Here are some quick updates for the past few weeks.  We are doing a Father's Day theme this month and we're looking for any of you who are Dad's that can help (see below for more details).

Growth & Stats We just cleared 400 books and 4k registered users, and at BEA last week, we met lots of new creators and started some new partnership conversations.  We're improving our search engine rankings, which we need your help with (see below for detai
ls about links), and  we've enabled online advertising on Facebook and Google.  With the little bit of work we've done so far, we've quickly gone from 10's of visitors a day to hundreds of visitors a day.  In addition to user signups, we're also starting to see external book reviews and articles being written about our site and your books. As we learn about them, we'll continue to share them through FB, TW, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Power in Numbers One of our biggest advantages is our power in numbers.  There are 230 of you who all have networks of people who will be interested in reading your books online.  You just need to let them know, so please share your books through social media.  Tell people about the new site and all the new improvements.  Also, please add more books. Content is ultimately going to drive users to sign up, so if you have more books, you should definitely try out our new PDF upload engine and get those books into our library. It literally takes 2 minutes to upload a new book.

Thank you all for your patience and support as we navigate new waters with subscription based kid's books and self-publishing tools.


Jason Lane
Founder & CEO

Dad Blogs Wanted

The week leading up to Father's day (June 16), we are going to showcase a handful of father's and their own story about how they are earning their "Dad Badge."  We are looking for you to offer our readers some insight into what being a father means to you and share some advice about being a father.  Give any day to day tips about how you build a relationship with your kids.  So if you're a dad, or know someone who is, we want you to write a short 3-4 paragraph blog post this week on the MagicBlox News & Events Creator Community section.

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Link to Your Books

One very powerful way to improve our marketing potential is to improve our search engine rankings, and one key way to do that is by having lots of links pointing to our site from various locations throughout the web. Google and other search engines see those as inbound links, and the more there are, the more relevant our site becomes for those search terms.
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How to Upload a New Book to MagicBlox

How to Upload a Book

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to add books to the new version of our site.  All you need is a PDF and it takes less than 2 minutes.
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Quickly Convert Your Book to an Audio Book

Audio Books

One feature of our new site is, we've given you the ability to upload a single MP3 file to your book and choose either connected or disconnected audio book experiences for the reader.  Turn your book into an audio book in just a few minutes.
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Press Box Today, we had a very nice writeup about our site and I expect more of these to flow in over the coming weeks as we expand our marketing efforts.
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