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Monday, April 29, 2013

Please join Marsha Casper Cook  Tuesday April 30 8:30 PM est 7:30 CST  when she welcomes a very successful author and  radio show host  Ashley Fontainne. This is going to be a great show about an author who in the last several years has been very instrumental in changing the face of a self published author to a face of success. Ashley is not afraid to try new things and take on new projects which sets her far above the standard. Ashley is in no way ordinary. Her life and her writing reflects a woman on the move and a fearless leader for others.
Also on the show is Kelly Abelle author of Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.  She also has a company Select -o- Grafix, that helps authors get their name out to the public with special services.

Romance Author Bethany Cross will be opening up the chat room and phone lines for a great discussion and a lot of fun.

link to the show - Romance Authors Blog  - World Of Ink  Host's Books