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Friday, October 5, 2012


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Chicagoan Represents the One in a Thousand of Men Who are Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

(Glenview, IL – October 5, 2012) After losing his wife to breast cancer in February of 2007, Chicagoan Richard Wiener developed the same disease five years later. In Fideli Publishing’s newly released I Have What?? One Man’s Journey Through Breast Cancer, Wiener shares his personal story from beginning to end, holding nothing back. This true-tell-all book inspires us to embrace the human condition, with all that it offers, and to live our life to the fullest.

When Wiener’s wife Lynn lost her battle with breast cancer, the last thing he expected was to be the next family member diagnosed with the disease. After discovering a hard lump in his chest one morning, he knew his world was about to be forever changed.
I Have WHAT??? One Man’s Journey Through Breast Cancer (Fideli Publishing, Inc., 2012) chronicles the raw emotional and physical experiences from a male point of view, taking the reader on a personal ride from Wiener’s discovery of the lump, to processing the diagnosis, managing the treatments, and eventually learning how to move forward. Through Wiener’s unfiltered candor, he ultimately reminds us of the fragility of life and the power of the human spirit. The book can be purchase for $10 plus $3 S&H at or the Kindle edition can be purchased on
Buy during October and support Breast Cancer Awareness – In recognition of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide, 20% of the proceeds from each book purchased from will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.   
Come and meet Richard at one of his book signings in greater Chicagoland. (Please go to for the most current schedule):
·            October 11th, 6-9PM at the Dragonfly Restaurant, 832 W. Randolph, Chicago, (312) 455-1400
·            October 20th, 2-4PM at The BookMarket in the Glen Town Center, 2651 Navy Blvd, Glenview, (847) 904-7304
·            October 25th, 5:30-7 30PM at the Palm Court in the Drake Hotel, 140 E. Walton Place, Chicago, (312) 932-4619
·            (Date/time TBA) at Pinstripes, 1150 Willow Rd, Northbrook,,
(847) 480-2323


Breast cancer awareness is for men too.  Key statistics about breast cancer in men in 2012:
  • Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among men than among women.
  • For men, the lifetime risk of getting breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000.
  • About 2,190 new cases of invasive breast cancer are diagnosed among men annually.
  • About 410 men die from breast cancer each year.
  • It happens most often to men between the ages of 60 and 70.
  • Risk factors for male breast cancer include exposure to radiation, a family history of breast cancer and having high estrogen levels, which can occur with diseases like cirrhosis or Klinefelter's syndrome.
  • Symptoms of male breast cancer include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin, or discharge of fluid from the nipple.
  • Treatment for male breast cancer is usually a mastectomy, which is surgery to remove the breast. Other treatments include radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy.
  • The prognosis (outlook) for men with breast cancer was once thought to be worse than that for women, but recent studies have not found this to be true. In fact, men and women with the same stage of breast cancer have a fairly similar outlook for survival.   

For more information, visit the American Cancer Society’s online detailed guide: Breast Cancer in Men.

Richard Wiener resides in Glenview, IL. He started his career as a teacher in 1968. He taught for 11 years and then took a sales job that had him traveling all over the West Coast and Pacific Northwest. After 11 years in sales, Richard returned to education and taught at his alma mater, Von Steuben High School in Chicago where he was appointed athletic director and was the chief fundraiser for the school. He was also elected President of the Chicago Athletic Director's Association representing every public High School in Chicago. After his wife passed away, Richard retired and eventually began the process of dating.  After many dates that went wrong, he decided to write a book CHECK PLEASE…& HURRY!, a humorous and at times, jaw- dropping compilation of truthful dating stories according to his experiences and others he interviewed.  With the achievement of the popularity of the book, Richard began the process of writing a sequel when he discovered his cancer. Instead, he decided to write, I HAVE WHAT??? ONE MAN’S JOURNEY THROUGH BREAST CANCER to share his story with the hope of educating men that breast cancer is not for women only.  The book can be purchased from

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Media Specialist and Editor Marni McNiff is a freelance writer and editor living in Connecticut. She spent seventeen years as the Managing Editor at The Institute of Children's Literature before branching out into a freelance career. She currently edits books for the World of Ink Network and MuseItUp Publishing and writes fitness and health articles for a variety of publications including and The Organic Whey.

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Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman Online Radio by TheWriteStuff | Blog Talk Radio

Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman Online Radio by TheWriteStuff | Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


ily news source for the digital book publishing industry.
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Digital Book World Daily
pia-logo113x56Sponsored By:  •  Shop DBW  •   Become a DBW Member  •   Digital Book World Conferences
150x150Penguin E-Books to Hit Libraries Nationwide
A pilot begun last month by Penguin to sell its e-books to the New York and Brooklyn public libraries is expected to roll out nationwide by year end, according to a statement from the library e-book vendor, 3M.

In a statement late yesterday, 3M officially announced that Penguin would be using its Cloud Library product for the task. Penguin has not yet confirmed the development to Digital Book World.

Penguin will join
Random House and HarperCollins as publishers from among the largest in the country that sell their e-books to libraries. The Penguin program, like that of the other two, will likely not be without its restrictions. For the pilot, Penguin is only making its e-books available six months after they initially went on sale and then for a year license, at which point librarians will have the option to renew - for a fee, one supposes.

So, no 
No Easy Day at your public library until February or March.

Librarians have bristled at such restrictions in the past, but we guess that they'd rather have the option to buy Penguin e-books, restrictions or no, versus the alternative - no options at all.

Librarians Out of Patience on Library E-Book Lending Issue, Library Association Says
Barnes & Noble Doing What It Said It Wouldn't (PaidContent)
Have you been to your local Barnes & Noble lately? Go and check to see if they are carrying Amazon Publishing titles. Reportedly, some are, despite the bricks-and-mortar retailer's insistence in February that it would do no such thing unless it got to sell the titles as e-books, too. No sign of them in the Nook store...yet.

Why Publishers Don't Like Working With Start-ups (DBW)
Whether it's that they're too busy, too small or afraid to look stupid, there are lots of reasons publishers say they don't want to work with start-ups. That said, many do and there are reasons why. Top five for both sides in this post.
Apple iBooks Author used to create interactive "Frankenweenie" eBook
With eBooks, digital publishers can create a unique reading experience that would be impossible with physical texts. Disney recently harnessed this potential. Read more.
In Three Words (The Shatzkin Files)
Mike Shatzkin sums up the future of book publishing in three words: standards, rights and data. Standards, rights and data issues can "restrain digital growth, or propel it," writes Shatzkin.

The Latest Sourcebooks Innovation: The Shakesperience (DBW)
The Shakesperience is the innovative publishing company's 21st century-take on tales nearly as old as publishing itself. The way we learn Shakespeare is hard, says Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah. The Shakesperience aims to make it easy.

Bookouture: The Latest Digital Publishing Start-up (DBW)
This time it's an ex-Harlequin marketing exec behind a new digital publishing player. Perhaps more people are reading this and figuring it's a good move to build digital-only publishing houses from the ground up.
The PIAs: The Very Best in Ebooks
The Publishing Innovation Awards celebrate publishers, designers and authors who are improving the reading experience in the digital age. If your ebook, enhanced ebook or book app presents solid design that keeps readability front and center or introduces interactive or social elements that improve the reading experience, we want to see it. Entry Deadline November 15!
Blurb's New Bells and Whistles (DBW)
E-book production firm Blurb, which has tools that allow users to simultaneously create content for print, e-book and audio-book production, has now added tools that allow the simultaneous creation of enhanced e-books, too.

K-12 Publishing Doomed, Unless... (DBW)
A new survey of K-12 publishers says that three-quarters of them will go belly up unless they are true multi-channel publishers. Classrooms are demanding more digital content today but print is still a priority.

IDPF's New E-Reader Test Suite (DBW)
The IDPF will soon release a new tester for e-readers to see just out EPUB3-supportive they are. It's all part of the organization's campaign to make EPUB3 the standard format for e-books.

Amazon Book Takedown (ABA Journal)
While B&N is putting 'em up, Amazon is taking 'em down. Amazon removed Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World from e-shelves due to alleged copyright issues.