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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Come join hosts VS Grenier &  Marsha Cook on February 10th at  1PM EST – 12PM CT – 11AM MT – 10AM PST. 
This is a discussion based show.  Marsha and Virginia will be happy to take your calls if you have questions.
 Call in number - 714-242-5259 
This week special guest Johnny Tan from My Mama's Kitchen will be joining the show. Come learn how success starts at home. Johnny is a multi-award winning author, leadership speaker, life coach & talk show host.

Marsha Casper Cook and Virginia (VS) Grenier have over 50 years of experience with the publishing and marketing world.Their help you become successful.
Call in, post your questions in our chat room during the show or email your questions to us here at Blog Talk Radio.
Call in number - (714) 242-5259
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jeff LaFerney
Author of Loving the RainSkeleton Key, and soon to be released Bulletproof

Jeff is an author from WORLD CASTLE PUBLISHER 

Jeff LaFerney has been a language arts teacher and coach for more than twenty years. 

Well, here I am after writing three books, and I’m an expert, right?  Not even close…but I’ve learned a few things.  I’d like to comment about what I’ve learned about time…time in the books.  My first book practically was written stream of consciousness.  I started and never slowed down until I was done, and then I decided to revise.  What I found was that everything I changed and added to the book generated a thread of errors throughout the rest of the novel.  I found that I messed the timing and chronology all up when I made some really beneficial revisions, and fixing things was difficult and frustrating.  So in book number two, I kept a timeline.  I wrote down a summary of each scene of the book, including a record of time.  What day did it happen?  What time was it?  I found that I caught myself quite a few times writing things that weren’t possible or miscalculating reality.  It helped me revise and maintain chronology as I went along.  So when book three began, I felt I had a handle on the whole time thing.  Boy, was I wrong.  I kept painting myself into corners for which there was no way out.  Numerous times I had to go back and rewrite scenes, add scenes, and reorder scenes so I could maintain appropriate chronology.  I literally had to write down each date (even dates mentioned of things that happened in the past) and each mention of time, age, years, days, hours—even minutes.  I also continued to keep note of times in the scenes as I summarized them.  It was a challenge to be faithful to reality and to keep my details consistent.  The end result?  There were hours of frustration at times, but I had told a story for which I’m very proud.  Time matters.  It’s real, and it affects believability of stories and consistency of story-telling.  Keeping track helped me to eliminate gaps and to be accountable to a realistic timeline.  The next time you write or begin to revise, keep track…that’s my “expert” advice.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Please join  Marsha Cook  on Tuesday Feb.7-  9PM EST -8PMCST - 7PM MT -6 PM PST - as she welcomes Author Brian Moreland an author who is quite diversified. He will be discussing his technique and style of writing. He writes informatively and because of his vivid imagination he enjoys the journey that his stories take him on. He hasn't always been on top and he understands the difficulties of getting published. He will explain how he became so popular and is now putting titles out with publishers. He has never quit regardless of how many rejections he received from publishers and agents. Brian believed in his work and he didn't give up and his inspiration will certainly help those of you that want to become writers and are afraid to try your luck.
Listen live or on demand - 
Listen live or on demand -    phone number - 714-242-5259

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