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Monday, September 10, 2012


               Call in to speak with the hosts and guests.  (714) 242-5259

              LET'S HAVE A PARTY


                          JOIN MARSHA COOK AND BETHANY CROSS
                             SPECIAL CO -HOST WILLIAM MALTESE 

Love is in the air and on September 11 at 8 PM CST 9PM EST 7PM    MT 6PM PST  we’re going to have a huge Party. This is an open party for Romance!  It’s time that all of us had some fun. We meet on line at A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY where we can chat or talk with each other. It’s going to last for a several days. You can either share, tag, like, talk or e- mail whatever! Traditional or Self – Published we don’t care! ROMANCE  EROTIC  EROTICA  YA Love is Universal!

Some of our very special guests authors will be Kathi S Barton, Bobbi Shafer, Michelle Prince, Melissa Keir, Charlotte Blackwell, Elizabeth Black.

This is for all romance readers, writers, reviewers, publishers, marketing companies, consultants - Love is love!   Fun is Fun - who doesn’t like a party!