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Thursday, August 4, 2011


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Building BUZZ for your book to generate awareness
The reason to go to a PR specialist is that they will develop
an effective media outreach strategy for your book that will
help to enhance groundswell exposure among the broadest
book trade and consumer markets. That’s what they do!

The power of promotion and generating the desired
publicity (the by-product of a PR effort), begins with building a
solid strategic BUZZ about your book. Working with someone
who knows how to maximize public awareness through a
series of efforts — stories, interviews, reviews, etc. — helps
to create that buzz. This media outreach, over time, will help
to fuel further public awareness — the golden ticket behind
eventual book sales.

Whether you have written the next fantasy mega-franchise
or a romance novel, without directing the media spotlight on
your published work, how do you expect to push it to the next
level? Your book marketing and publicity deserves no less effort,
than what you put into writing it — probably a whole lot more.
Remember, writing and publishing the book are just the first
two steps in your book’s long journey to reaching its public..

Ebook Tips
Did you know that if your book has a lot of
images, it can be viewed in color using Kindle by
downloading Amazon’s free Kindle apps for PC,
Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android?
Get your book publicity started with
some great online exposure!


• Book Review* posted on and
given to you to use as needed.
• 1 Press release distributed online
• 1 Exclusive online interview on Blog Talk
Radio, plus the link to the show to be used to
further promote the book. $ 150.00

*Requires printed book, or printout of ebook.