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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sassy's Book Blog - Evolution Of The Fallen By MJ Goodnow

Evolution of the Fallen by MJ Goodnow
Author: Sass Ashe | Posted at: 2:28 PM | Filed Under:

Evolution of the Fallen, MJ Goodnow, Teens, YA Fiction

Have you ever met a teenager you knew could be so much more than they are? It happens to all of us but occasionally there is a writer who is able to truly get in the head of a teenager and write the perfect story of evolving from a person known as a "throwaway" or a "problem child" into the person that you knew they could be. There's really no better way to express how Goodnow has written the characters in "Evolution of the Fallen."

The people in the book are realistic, they have real problems and real challenges. They also have real talents and real goodness inside them no matter what the outside may look like. Goodnow doesn't gloss over the pain and the feelings of the teens like many authors do, he examines each hurt and each challenge from start to finish without trying to "pretty it up".

I laughed, I cried out of anger, out of sympathy and out of pure pleasure while reading this book. There are some stories that you just refuse to put down until you finish and this was one of those for me. Pick up Evolution of the Fallen by MJ Goodnow to get a taste of the storytelling skills the author has, then be sure to look for his other books so you can really get to know this great author.