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Thursday, July 14, 2011

READING WITH RIE Producer/Co-Host, R Jeffreys and co- host Marsha Cook sitting in for Rie

The guests on the show were wonderful and I had a great time. I actually didn't cut anyone off and things went very smoothly, except I was disconnected once - but got right back on Blog Talk Radio.

This is one of those shows that shouldn't be missed. The writers were all very honest and real and that is what helps other writers. The link to the show will be at the bottom of this blog and is available on demand.

First guest on the show was Michael Davis. Michael is a multi-published author. His recent release is the romantic suspense, SHADOW OF GUILT, and the off world romantic Science Fiction, TOUCH OF BLUE. In October his next suspense novel, WHISPERS OF INNOCENCE will be released.

The second guest was author, interviewer, editor, Bill Kenower. Bill is the Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, a free on-line magazine for writers and readers. Bill also writes a daily column and conducts video and audio interviews with bestselling and award-winning authors of all genres. Added to his long list of credits, Bill is also a published novelist, poet and a produced playwright. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and two boys.

The final guest was poet, Jessica Kristie. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Jessica discovered her passion to write at the young age of ten. She regurgitates her heart and mind, sometimes in structure and sometimes in free flow, as a way to heal and understand herself and those around her. “Poetry is my heart, anchors my soul and documents my journey,” is how Jessica Kristie best describes her passion as poet and person.

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