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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marsha Casper Cook- Children's Books

Book reviews by Sass Ashe Posted at: 6:38 PM

If you have children you'll want to know about the books that Marsha Casper Cook has to offer. I'm combining three of them in this post because you need to get them all!

The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion
Isabella Pimpinella is quite a character!She is a Junior Witch and she, along with the other Junior Witches are preparing for the Magical Leaping Lizard ceremony. All the junior witches have to particpate in the ceremony before they can become full-fledged witches and learn to fly! But things don't go exactly as planned and Isabella has a bit of worry as the night goes on.
This story is a good one and friendly for all ages of children. Isabella and her puppy are wonderful and the illustrations are so adorable and fitting for the story.

The Busy Bus
Children love rhyming, heck adults love rhyming. "The Busy Bus" is a collection of short children's' poems that will tickle your funny bone. Marsha shows her love of simple pleasures and rhyming fun with poems like: Whose Smelly Socks are Those? Winona the Begonia, Hiccups and My Baloney. Your little ones will giggle with glee when they are introduced to Isabella Pimpinella of "The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion" along with an interesting umbrella!

Snack Attack
Addison Apple is not a fan of oatmeal, that much is clear! He convinces his mom to let him choose what he eats. Well Addison has quite the culinary adventure, and along the way he may have learned a lesson about cakes and cookies, he may even have decided to like oatmeal.

As a former finicky kid Snack Attack was a great read for me and I highly recommend it to parents for their picky eaters!

Marsha Casper Cook is a great author, she's written books in several genres, and is so talented in so many areas that it's hard to capture it all. So this post is about 3 of her children's' books. You'll have to come back another day to see what I think of her romance novels!