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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Rodger Dodger Meet Dr. Glee: The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog

Poor Rodger Dodger is quite sick you see

He turned green like the color of a sweet pea

Feeling Fuzzy and weird Rodger Dodger called fox

Told him the problem and sending him to the nearest phone box

Calling Dr. Glee the only one who could find the cure

Of Rodger’s ailments this was for sure

But, he was so sick and his head was too small

He could barely move and Dr. Glee could not make a house call

So poor Rodger thought of what might be the cause

Could it be the green dessert he ate because

His stomach was queasy and his body so green

What could be wrong with him?

He just wanted to really scream

With the help of his good friends they carried him to the zoo

Hoping that Dr. Glee would know exactly what to do

Just what was wrong with poor Rodger and who is always on the go?

To find out the answer read the book and then you’ll know.

But Rodger was really quite sick as a dog you see

The rest you will have to find out but not from me.

Author Jan Britland is quite creative and unique

Writing in rhyme allowing each character to speak

Colorful pictures, great animation and drawings you see

This book gets Five Green Stars from this reviewer that’s me.

Fran Lewis

Creatively written with pictures that are so beautifully illustration and life like. You will definitely fall in love with fox, bunny, eagle and all of the animals and don’t forget Dr. Glee as they race to find a cure for poor Rodger Dodger Dog. This book teaches teamwork, kindness, loyalty and the meaning of true friendship and that you don’t have to be a dog to be Rodger’s friend. Michael Swain’s illustrations made the story come alive for the reader. This is one book that will make you smile.

Rodger Dodger: A Christmas Story

It takes teamwork to put up a Christmas tree. Rodger Dodger Dog is really clever and quite special. He and Bunny decided to go and find the perfect Christmas tree. But, when they got home they knew something was missing- the decorations. Being innovative and really smart he enlists the help of all of his animal friends to help string the lights and decorate the tree. Duke made a paper chain and Spark the Turtle snowflakes made of tin. But, when the entire tree was decorated and all of the lights were strung you would not believe what happened. Realizing that something was off and definitely missing the animals stopped to think about what would make the tree just right.

The best part of Christmas of course is waiting for Santa to come and bring gifts for all those good boys and girls. Well, our animal friends are no different but definitely quite special in the friendship department. After a good nights sleep they saw what Santa had left them and if you want to find out what each animal received and the unique gift they gave our Rodger Dodger you need to read A Christmas Story by Jan Britland and illustrated by Michael Swain to find out. If children learn anything form this wonderful story written in rhyme, it is teamwork, friendship, kindness, understanding and love. The illustrations are so lifelike, and the faces of the characters and their facial expressions are so vividly described not only in the words of the poem but in the pictures too making the story come alive for the reader.

This story gets: FIVE GOLD STARS

Rodger Dodger Dog: Saves Bunny

Rodger is a really helpful and special dog. Poor Bunny was passed out on the ground and no one knew what to do. Rodger needed plan to try and save poor Bunny. The other animals were afraid he was really not going to make it and the expression on the flowers let you know this was really serious. But, our Rodger was resourceful and he picked up dear Bunny and brought him home. He put him under the covers and kept him warm. Watching over him an entire night he hoped for the best. But, after two nights when our Bunny finally felt like himself you won’t believe what he does and what happens. He blames poor Rodger for his illness and his stress. Thinking all along that if he did not protect and safe Bunny that Fox, Mack or even Eagle would eat him for dinner, you would imagine Bunny would have been grateful for his help. But, no that was not the case. Wait until you find out what Bunny tells our Rodger and what Rodger learns as a result. Talking out your differences is so important and understanding the feelings of others really seals friendships. What happens between our Rodger and our Bunny you will have to read for yourself? Why is Bunny angry with Rodger? Will they ever become real friends? Find out when you read Rodger Dodger Saves Bunny by author Jan Britland and illustrated by Michael Swain.

Jan teaches children the true meaning of understanding the feelings and emotions of others and not to assume that others accept your actions and ways. Discussing your differences and not fighting but using your words and expressing your feelings and really listening to the other person, or in this case animal is vital. Children and adults can learn a lot from reading these stories.