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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wouldn't the Academy Awards be better if during the show they would talk about how good some of the movies were that weren't nominated. A song or two from some of the less celebrated movies might enhance the show, if anyone saw Burlesque some of the songs from that movie would have made a great musical number.

If the Academy made some changes and updated some of the segments the younger audience they want would watch the show. So much time and money goes into the show doesn't anyone realize change might be just what the doctor ordered.

In my office I receive hundreds of queries a month from new writers that need an opportunity. Where are all the production companies when we need them? Do actors realize how many great scripts they never see because their agents never show them the scripts.The material is out there. We need more production companies that will take more chances.There are great scripts that are not being seen because ...I really don't know the answer. Is there one?

I really feel that changes need to be made.How about dividing the categories and adding more movies. It's really hard to judge a Romantic Comedy and a Thriller in the same way, as is a Horror Film verses a Drama.

I really think scriptwriters need a chance. Without writers the movies would be silent. This is known fact, but if we as writers try to get the word out to producers maybe they will listen. I have written fourteen scripts, been optioned twice and I won't give up but what about the writers that will.

Change is good and rules need to be modified to fit the times. Monday night at 8pm CST on Blog Talk Radio - RED RIVER RADIO LIVE - the ladies of PAGE TURNERS and A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY will be having a great discussion about screenplays, movies,books that can be made into movies and some other great topics. Discussion is the best way to change things.

Join us because the phone lines are open and the link is below - the call in number is 646-595-4478