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Sunday, December 18, 2011


SPECIAL EDITION - Please join Marsha Cook and Fran Lewis on December 20th AT 6:30 EST 5:30 CST 4:30 MT 3:30 PST as they welcome best selling Author Sarah Paretsky. Sarah is wonderful author and very talented. We are thrilled to have her on the show. Sandra Elrod will be opening the chat room and after Fran Lewis who reviewed Sarah's new book BREAKDOWN is finished with her discussion the chat room will continue to be open. This is a show you won't want to miss.
To find out more about Sarah -you can check out her website.
For more info and other shows - please go to -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Please join Host Marsha Cook and Fran Lewis on Thursday at 1PM EST NOON CST -11AM PST 10AM for a very special edition of A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY with the launch of Gerard de Marigny’s new book Signs of War. The first book The Watchman of Ephraim tells the story of how one man found inspiration from tragedy. Gerard is very serious about his craft which is why every word he uses means something to him. Gerard is not like other writers. He is unique and every word that he writes it's as if he knows exactly how his characters feel at all times. He has such great depth and when he speaks his words mean something. So join us and see for yourself, Gerard de Marigny will never let his readers down. His new book will be as compelling as his first. Fran Lewis will review his book and then we will have a discussion that will be very informative as well as entertaining.

Charlotte Blackwell - Author: Guest Post with Author Debbie Kump

Charlotte Blackwell - Author: Guest Post with Author Debbie Kump

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY -HOLIDAY ROMANCE SHOW 12/13 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Join Marsha Casper Cook on DECEMBER 13 for a special Holiday Romance show at 9PM - 8PM CST - 7PM MT - 6 PM PST. Romance is in the air - surprise guests and interesting stories. Last romance special for this year - this is going to be more fun than you can image. Sandra Elrod, new romance writer, will be opening the phone lines and chat room.

There will be quite quite a few Romance writers coming on to share their stories and titles.

It's going to be a lot of fun so try not to miss this show.

Call in number (714) 242-5259

For more info -

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Please join Host Marsha Cook and her co host Sandra Elrod on December 6 at 9pm EST - 8PM CST - for an entertaining and informative discussion on writing . Special guests this week are the SISTERS IN CRIME. They are celebrating 25 years. Authors Stacy Verdick Case - A GRAND MURDER - Christopher Valen -BAD WEEDS NEVER DIE -S.L.Smith -BLINDED BY THE SIGHT - Monica Ferris - THREADBARE will be discussing their books in an informative but entertaining discussion. JD Holiday will be opening up the chat room and this is going to be a very exciting show. You can find out more about them and this wonderful group of writers at


Join V.S. Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook ON dECEMBER 5 1PM CST -NOON - CST -11 AM MT 10 AM PST for a special edition of World Of Ink Network as they welcome Emma Dryden. Also on the show and part of the discussion will be Jan Britland. This is one show every children's writer should listen to. Emma has an incredible resume. Before she graduated college she landed an internship as a “jack of all trades” assistant at Viking Children’s Books and once she earned her B.A in English Language and Literature from Smith, she became an Editorial Assistant at Random House Children’s Books. She was then hired as Associate Editor for the legendary Margaret K. McElderry, whose imprint was part of Macmillan Children’s Books, and was later named Senior Editor of the imprint and was then made Vice President, Editorial Director, and in 2005 I became Vice President, Publisher of Atheneum Books for Young Readers and Margaret K. McElderry Books, imprints of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, a position she held until 2009.
You can check out Emma's blog -

Friday, December 2, 2011

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - SPECIAL EDITION 12/02 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - SPECIAL EDITION 12/02 by WorldOfInkNetwork Blog Talk RadioJoin Host Marsha Casper Cook on December 2 at 1PM EST 12 Noon CST 11 AM MT 10 am PST as she welcomes a great mother daughter team Marie Crist and her mother Pamela Wright.They teamed up to prevent child abuse and human trafficking. Their goal is to educate parents on how to protect their children.They write separately but work together in their fight to change the fate of children. Marie's book is The Citizen Chronicles, and Pamela's book is Justifiable:Oregon. They are both working on their next books. They will be discussing how to keep your children safe.
Listen live or on demand
for more info you can go to their websites

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Please join Marsha Casper Cook on Friday November 18 at 1PM EASTERN- NOON CENTRAL - 11PM MOUNTAIN - 10 AM PACIFIC when she welcomes the children's authors of Dancing with Bear Publishing. JD Holiday will be producing the show and the chat room will be open as well as the phone lines. Celebrate the beginning of a wonderful long run.Who says you can’t have top twenty children’s books on Amazon in a few short months. They didn’t know publisher Rie McGaha and her Editor in Chief R Jeffreys.

The books and their authors are Amelia by Debbie Roppolo and What Are You Afraid Of? by Kiki Howell.Also on the show is Rosemary McKinley. She has a new Thanksgiving book called The Wampum Exchange.

The authors will be discussing how it happened and what’s next for them.Also on the show is

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - SPECIAL EDITION 11/19 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - SPECIAL EDITION 11/19 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk RadioOn Saturday November 19 at 12 NOON EST -11 CST-10 MT PST 9AM meet Screenwriter, author, director, producer Craig Clyde when host Marsha Casper Cook has a one on one conversation about his new movie airing Sunday November 20 on the Hallmark Station - every story Craig Clyde writes , directs or produces about families is wonderful.

He's got a great cast and what's more important than families, especially at this time of the year. Starring -Kristy Swanson,Tess Harper, Trudy Willis, and Edward Herrmann.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Join host Marsha Cook on Thursday November 17 at 9pm est 8pm cst 7 pm mt 6pm pst as she welcomes RED SAGE authors,Em Petrov, Immortal Series--Runes, Trefoil, Runestone, Encompassed coming Dec 1. Forbidden, Wilder, which is book of the week at Whipped Cream. Roz Lee , The Lothario Series: The Lust Boat, Show Me the Ropes, Love Me Twice, Four of Hearts and single title Still Taking Chances, Rue Allyn , The Widow's Revenge and Sharon BuchbinderBooks, Desire and Deception, which is up for erotic book of the year at Romantic Times.The discussion will be lively and informative.So join us.Sandra Elrod will be opening the phone lines and the chat room.

(714) 242-5259 call in number


Friday, November 4, 2011


GOOD LUCK CRAIG - WRITER - DIRECTOR - Craig will be on A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - Details to follow - ( Craig and I have written several screenplays together. He always believed in me! Good luck Craig!
MOVIE REVIEWA Christmas Wish Originally Titled : A Root Beer ChristmasNetwork: Hallmark ChannelOriginal Air Date: November 20, 2011CAST: Kristy Swanson ... Martha Evans Tess Harper ... Trudy Willis Edward Herrmann ... Les Aline Andrade ... Clarice Danielle Chuchran ... Jeanie Bullington K.C. Cly...

Craig Clyde - Hallmark movie - November -

Marsha Casper Cook shared a link.
MOVIE REVIEWA Christmas Wish Originally Titled : A Root Beer ChristmasNetwork: Hallmark ChannelOriginal Air Date: November 20, 2011CAST: Kristy Swanson ... Martha Evans Tess Harper ... Trudy Willis Edward Herrmann ... Les Aline Andrade ... Clarice Danielle Chuchran ... Jeanie Bullington K.C. Cly...

  • GOOD LUCK CRAIG - WRITER - DIRECTOR - Craig will be on A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - Details to follow - ( Craig and I have written several screenplays together. He always believed in me! Good luck Craig!
Please join host Marsha Cook on November 8 at 9PM EST- 8PMCST - 7PM MT -6PMPST for a hot steamy romance writer show!

Author BETHANY HALE is this weeks special guest. She writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has twelve erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and forty-five more under contract. She has two blog talk radio shows with RED RIVER RADIO . Bethany has what it takes to wow audiences with her sizzling style by holding her own in several categories at ARe and Bookstrand. Elrod will be opening the chat room and taking care of the phones. Join us in the chat room.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Busy Bus: A collection of Children’s Poems By author Marsha Casper Cook

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

There are many ways to teach kids how to love poems and want to read them. There are also many creative ways to help drive many lessons and points home without them knowing it. In the collection of humorous poems called The Busy Bus, Peculiar Pete takes adults and children on a humorous, innovative and wild poetry ride filled with silly, heartwarming and creative poems to just make you smile.

The poem, The Perfect Wish is one of my favorites as the narrator wishes for a day just to have fun in a pool, to swim and hope that someone will grant his/her wish just once. I would love that too. Do Re Mi Fa So La must have been written for everyone, like myself who always wanted to sing like Pink or Madonna but in reality when they tried sounded like a lemon on a really sour day. Off key would not describe my voice when I had to get up in my Voice class in college and sang a simple tune. Everyone stifled his or her laughs until I burst out hysterical laughing. My face might have turned a bright red like a red apple and I felt like running from the room, but I looked at the humorous side of things. How many people could ruin Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? For that I would always be famous. Yes, it could happen to you.

From poems that every girl can identify with like The Brat, who tells why her sister definitely did not look like her to Nasty Miss Masters the teacher who never had to worry about discipline these poems are what every child and adult should read on a day when you just need to laugh, smile and read some great poetry.

Poems about Hiccups, Giggle Giggle Cheer, and Hit, Miss or Duck that teaches you if you keep trying you might succeed. Author Marsha Casper Cook along with Peculiar Pete take us on a giggly, funny, humorous bus ride into the land of poetry.

Each illustration will help even the non- reader to enjoy, understand and embrace each poem. For the child in everyone read this great book, give a copy to your school’s librarian, take one to your public library and buy a few copies for your kids, grandkids and friends. This children’s book should be on the shelf in every school library, classroom library, public library and your own personal children’s library at home.

I give THE BUSY BUS - Five Gold Stars.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Join Marsha Cook and Co-host Sam Oliver on Tuesday PM EST -8PM CST- 7PM MT -6PM PST for an inspiring show about life and how even in our darkest moments in life we still need to have hope, courage and determination to go on. The world is very stressful these days but that is not when we give up - that is when we begin again.
Sam Oliver is the Author of Angel of Promise, A fish Named Ed, The Path Into Healing and has cared for the needs of the dying in palliative care for over 17 years. During that time, Sam has served as the Chair, and now, Co-Chair of the Hospice Ethics Committee at a Hospice Care Center in Northern Ohio. For well over a decade, Sam has been an active editorial review board member and contributing writer for Healing Ministry Journal, The Journal of Terminal Oncology, and The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care. Sam began his speaking about spiritual care over 15 years ago and continues to speak at public engagements on the local, national, and international levels.
Sandra Elrod and Denise spooner will be joining in the discussion.
CALL IN AND TALK TO SAM - 714-242-5259




Join hosts Marsha Cook, Virginia Grenier and JD Holiday on Friday October 28th at 6PM, EST; 5PM, CST and 4PM, MT and 3PST as they welcome Publisher, RIE MCGAHA, Editor-in-Chief, R. JEFFREYS and Author, MELINDA ELMORE to celebrate the launch of DWB PUBLISHING. Dancing With Bear Publishing is a brand new, full service, innovative publishing house owned by author Rie McGaha. DWB Publishing will present the best in non-fiction, clean fiction, fantasy, suspense, adventure, mystery, and sweet romance.This show will be both informative and entertaining.
On 10/04/2011 Dancing With Bear Publishing author Melinda Elmore lost her husband, Tommy, unexpectedly. They have two children, a son, age 23, and a daughter, 13. There was no insurance to cover final expenses, so DWB Publishing is hosting a benefit for the Elmore family on 11/01/2011. Journey To Christmas Creek is a story Tommy used to tell their children, and Melinda has written this Native American, historical, YA story that will be released on 11/01/2011 at 100% of the royalties from the sale of this book for a one-year period will be donated to Melinda and her family. ative and fun. For more information you can go to their website

Monday, October 17, 2011


Marketing – Consulting

Social Networking is very important
Doesn’t matter what business you’re in

The World of Ink Network brings you shows on books, authors, illustrators, the publishing industry, marketing and much more. Come listen to the following shows: "Stories for Children" with hosts VS Grenier and KrisQuinn Christopherson, "A Good Story is a Good Story" with host Marsha Casper Cook, "The Writing Mama" with hosts VS Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook, and "SFC Magazine News" with host VS Grenier. "Inspiration, Imagination and Invention" with Simon Rose. Come examine the use of history as inspiration in writing; among other things.
Call 847- 441- 4271 or e mail
We will help you get results !
Book tours

Press release campaigns
Detailed book reviews posted on Amazon and, Barnes and Noble

Online interview posted on Facebook, Twitter, other Social Media

Two week online interview

Press Releases

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Editorial Services are offered by a select team of Freelance Editors

Northwestern Memorial Foundation
251 East Huron Street, Galter 3-200
Chicago, IL 60611



Blog Talk Radio’s World of Ink Network Show: What is Success? with hosts VS Grenier, Marsha Cook and J.D. Holiday will be chatting with different guest each show about how they climbed the ladder to success.

Our Guest: Kathy Stemke will be talking about writing for hire.
Kathy Stemke has a passion for writing, the arts and all things creative. She has Bachelor degrees from Southern Connecticut State University and Covenant Life Seminary, as well as graduate coursework from New York Institute of Technology and Columbia University. Hanging her hat in the North Georgia Mountains, she has been a teacher, tutor, and writer for many years.
As a freelance writer and ghostwriter, Kathy has published hundreds of articles in directories, websites and magazines. She is a reviewer for Sylvan Dell Publishing. As a retired teacher, Kathy has several activities published with Gryphon House Publishing. Kathy is also part of the team at DKV Writing 4 U.
Kathy’s first children’s picture book, Moving Through All Seven Days, was published on Lulu. Her next two picture books, Sh, Sh, Sh Let the Baby Sleep, and Trouble on Earth Day were released in May of 2011. Visit her book blog at
Mrs.Stemke offers great teaching tips and children’s book reviews as well as a monthly newsletter titled, MOVEMENT AND RHYTHM, on her blog.

Join Marsha Cook and her very special guest host Carol Solomon Proesel on Thursday October 13 at 9PM EST 8PM CST 7PM MT 6PM PST as they celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness with Breast Cancer survivors.This is an annual show and last year we opened the lines for survivors to call in and tell us their story and this year we will do the same. Family members are also welcome to call in and talk to Carol who is a Breast Cancer survivor. Carol is very honest and sincere about her surgery and recovery but most of all how happy she is to be a Breast Cancer Survivor.   

Bennet Pomerantz was on board to talk about his experiences concerning Breast Cancer.

Link to the show


Special edition of A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY. Marsha Cook and her Co - host Bennet Pomerantz will be having a scary - tell all HALLOWEEN Horror Special at 9PM EST 8PM CST 7PM MT 6PM PST on October 11. If you promise to tell all your friends I'll give you a few guests names.Join in on the fun when Elizabeth Black, Lee Ann Murphy and JoAnn H Buchanan share their stories, just to name a few. This week we are only having scary guests so if you're scary let us know and we'll give you the password !

Sandra Elrod will be producing the show and chatting in the chat room. There was a special guest for the evert - THE COUNT

Count Gore de Vol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY with Host Marsha Casper Cook 10/18 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Please join Marsha Cook on Tuesday October 18 at 9pm PM EST 8PM CST for an entertaining and informative discussion on writing with author AMALIE HOWARD. Amalie is a freelance writer who turned her short story into her debut paranormal novel BLOODSPELL. The characters in the book struggle with issues like falling in love for the very first time, bullying, losing people close to them and trying to stay true to what they believe in. Amalie brings truth to her stories and that is why she has been so successful in the teen market. Also on the show are Charlotte Blackwell, author of the series Mystic Embrace, her new addition will be released in November and Kathy Barton, the author of Blood Body And Mind. Kathy and Charlotte are published by World Castle Publishing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

BOOK REVIEW By Bennet Pomerantz  - A WORK IN PROGRESS - Author Larry Sheridan

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars A Work is Progress is Finished NicelyOctober 14, 2011
This review is from: A Work in Progress (Paperback)
About a month ago, I co-hosted Marsha Casper Cook's Blog Talk Radio show A Good Story is a Good Story with guest Larry Sheridan. Before I did the radio show with him, I has seen his video interview with Candy O'Donnell on You Tube. If you have not seen it, you should! 

When you read a new author's first work, you can overlook many faults a first time author falls into. For a new writer out of the barn, you give them a slight bit of breathing room reviewing-wise. The only problem I have from Larry Sheridan's first novel is there is NO FAULTS!

This well crafted tale seems like it can happen to anyone. That is why the novel works so well. You can seem like you have all the cards stacked and working well in your life..and then real life rears its ugly head. It works as a novel since it seems so real. It is fast paced, just like life is! Sheridan's characters leap off the page and are word than words on a screen. That is what a great novelist can do. 

I cannot wait unril his next novel. I am impressed with this book

Bennet Pomerantz 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY with Host Marsha Casper Cook 09/27 by World Of InkNetwork Blog Talk Radio

Please join Host Marsha Cook and her co- host Sam Oliver on September 27- 9PM EST -8PM CST - 7PM MT - 6PM PST. Sam and Marsha will be on every month - SAME TIME SAME PLACE - Author and now Novelist Sam Oliver will share insights into the nature of soul, and how we become more soul than body at the end of life. It will be in a Q / A show so come with any questions you may have pertaining to the spiritual care of the dying. Anywhere from Angels to where Eternity lies will be our topics of discussion. You, the audience will determine what we talk about.

Sam Oliver has over 21 years of experience working with the dying as a Hospice Chaplain. Presently, he is the Amedisys Hospice Chaplain in Londonderry, NH. Come join us as we seek peace and hope together. Sam's latest work "Angel Marie - The Making of an Angel" is a groundbreaking novel told through the eyes of a child. Don't miss this event.
Denise Spooner and Sandra Elrod will produce the show.We will be ready to take your calls.

call in number 714-242-5259

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Chicago, Illinois, United States of America ( September 9, 2011 --


Welcome visit Our WebSite:
Marsha Casper Cook is the author of six published books and 11 feature-length screenplays, a literary agent with 18 years of experience and the host of a radio talk show about the business of writing and entertainment, “A Good Story is a Good Story,” on the World of Ink Network. She and her guests discuss writing and what’s new in the entertainment field. Her other published works include “Sala, More Than a Survivor,” a non-fiction biography about surviving the Holocaust. She has also written three other children's books, the short stories “Snack Attack”, “The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion" and the poetry collection “The Busy Bus”.

She has also published one of her screenplays as a book, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.
Marsha’s other screenplays range from romantic comedies to crime thrillers to family dramas. Her scripts “Grand Central Station” and “Romancing Gracie” were optioned by movie studios, and the latter was named a finalist at the ASA, Houston and Chicago Film Festivals.

Wanting to help new writers reach their goals, Marsha founded the literary agency Marcus Bryan & Associates in 1996, and achieved signatory status from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) within two years. In that capacity, she has represented more than 100 screenwriters and authors, and has also optioned books to movie production companies. Marsha has spoken about her work and the craft of writing to a wide range of audiences including bookstores, schools, museums and local cable and will continue to speak to the media.

All of Marsha's books can be purchased on , are also all e- books on, Kindle , Nook and all other electronic media.

More information can be found online at

More information can be found online at

WORLD CASTLE PUBLISHING - New e- commerce book store- just opened online. - world castle publishing,marsha cook,michiganavenuemedia

WORLD CASTLE PUBLISHING - New e- commerce book store- just opened online. - world castle publishing,marsha cook,michiganavenuemedia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pensacola, Florida, United States of America ( September 14, 2011 -- 1 GRAB A CUP OF COFFEE AND A GOOD BOOK THIS WEEKEND. Welcome visit Our WebSite: Pensacola, Florida. World Castle Publishing announced the September 15th release of Feel the Passion by Marsha Casper Cook. Feel the Passion is a fast paced Women’s Lit/Drama revolving around a woman named Elaine Lewis. Elaine is a woman who has everything: a nice house, a loving husband, and more money than she knows what to do with. She lives a life most would consider the fairytale happy ending. What would drive a woman who has everything to risk it all and fall into the beds of other men pretending she is someone else? The answer could surprise you. Marsha Cook does a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life in this emotional rollercoaster. As soon as the reader thinks they have Elaine figured out, Ms. Cook throws in another plot twist. This novel is sure to please the reader who enjoys conflict and drama. Marsha Casper Cook is the author of six published books and 11 feature-length screenplays. Her published works include “Feel the Passion,” a romantic novel about a family in crisis, and “Sala, More Than a Survivor,” a non-fiction biography about surviving the Holocaust. She has also written three books for young children, including the short stories “Snack Attack” and “The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion” and the poetry collection “The Busy Bus.” She has also published a book version of her romantic-comedy screenplay, “It’s Never Too Late.” Wanting to help new writers reach their goals, Marsha founded the literary agency Marcus Bryan & Associates in 1996, and achieved signatory status from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) within two years. Since early 2010, Marsha has hosted radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. She recently has joined with Host V.S, Grenier as the other half of World of Ink Network Blog Talk Radio. Her show "A Good Story Is a Good Story" is about writing. She also does a weekly show with V.S. Grenier and J.D. Holiday “WHAT IS SUCCESS?” Feel the Passion is available September 15, 2011 at your favorite bookstore. More information can be found online at betrayal dramatic novels love and romance PASSIONATE NOVELS Share | Contact Information Name: World Castle Publishing Company: World Castle Publishing Email: *** WebSite: About the author We are a new and growing publisher of ebooks and trade paperbacks.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Larry Sheridan - Author
Thoughts about things that I, Larry Sheridan, think are meaningful and/or important.


Hope - Where is it today?
I have created my blog on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Why? Well, it’s because I believe in hope. The events of 9/11 were an attempt to suck that hope out of our lives as well as our culture. But guess what, it didn’t work. The terrorists failed as most bullies do. It didn’t work then and I don’t believe it will work now, though it seems that our country needs to find the hope lost due to the challenges and frustrations created by our current economic and political environment. We need to not only feel hope but also visually see hope emanating from our leadership and, unfortunately, it is hard to see much less find. One of my favorite movies is “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” with Jimmy Stewart. I think it should be part of our country’s high school curriculum and mandatory for our politicians to watch. But where can we find the Mr. Smiths of today?
I watched a program last night about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A woman who lost her son in those attacks was interviewed. He had called and left a message on her answering machine before the towers fell. She made an incredible statement. It was a powerful statement. She said (I’m paraphrasing here) you can either be mad and angry for what you lost or you can step back and say wow, we had him for 33 great years and be thankful for that. I would like to believe but, in reality, I don’t know if I would have that kind of strength and courage. This woman impressed me. This mother who lost her son gave me hope. I know that nothing I write will offer that much strength or hope but maybe it can offer something positive.
There are a lot of places where hope can be found but unfortunately many of those places are not in Washington. I am an author who tries (and I hope succeeds) in writing stories that offer hope. In my novel, A Work in Progress ( my main character, Jeremy Jackson, is a regular guy who gets caught up in something much bigger than he is, facing two options – one is giving up and the other is fighting for something. There are a lot of other authors who write with similar forms of hope. John Locke’s Donavan Creed series offers hope in the average guy. Gerard de Marigny, an up and coming author, does the same. Musicians like Davin McCoy and The Coming Attractions sing of hope.
We can find hope but it’s just not that obvious. I wish there were more Jimmy Stewarts in the world but it seems we’ve not found them yet. We must never give up our hopes and dreams, whatever those hopes and dreams are. This blog isn’t about selling my book, it is about reminding people there is still hope and there are those who still try and offer that hope though it seems that our hopes and dreams keep getting beaten down. As I’m sure you’ve heard like I have the saying that “bad news sells” and if you watch enough news you know it’s true. The extremists, regardless of their perspectives and affiliations, get the most interest and highest ratings. Don’t get caught in this trap. Search out the providers of hope. Take the extremists for what they are: extremists.
If you want a break from the realities of the day, the recession, the jobless numbers, the fear then check out the authors and musician I’ve mentioned above or check out my book – you can get it in a print version or for the Kindle. Regardless of how you do it though, don’t give up on hope. I would love to hear from you. My blog will only have an entry once every 4 to 6 weeks so I promise I won’t bombard you. If it means something to you then please pass it along. I would love to make the message of hanging on to your hope something that goes viral on the internet but even better yet goes viral in our society. Let’s make a difference together. Let’s make hope a virus! How cool would it be to help make hope something people are catching! I know, it sounds corny, but hey, at a minimum, it might help one person find some hope in the current challenging environment we are prisoners of and I know that just one more person becoming hopeful would be a good thing. Check out my website – – my twitter @AboutmybooksLS – my novel’s, A Work in Progress, Facebook Page:!/pages/A-Work-in-Progress/225449777471634 and if this really meant something to you then please e-mail me and let me know: – I would love to hear from you. My main character, Jeremy Jackson, and I both thank you for taking some of your time to read this, maybe together we can make hope the news of the day!


This is a very unusual blog. I have never done this before but I felt I had to respond. . I wrote a book SALA, MORE THAN A SURVIVOR,Sala Lewis is the survior and she is still alive and speaks to children and adults. This is a review I just read. My response is below. I have never been upset by a review or a rejection but in this case I thought the reviewer didn't realize this wasn't a Holocaust history book this was a very young girl's memories and how she lives her life after having gone through hell.
"Sala - More than a Survivor", August 29, 2011 By Eleanor A. Slanga "Eleanor" Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Sala - More than a Survivor (Kindle Edition) Having read over 45 books on the holocaust, I found this one to be somewhat different in that it portrayed a survivor from a different point of view. Sala most assuredly went through untold hell while in the various camps. However, I felt she took unfair advantage of her sister Dora. She continuously relied upon her sister - sometimes, I felt her dependence bordered on excess. Her sister, I think is the real heroin of this book. She did everything for her little sister Sala. Sala wanted a career in Hollywood and she pursued it. She purports to love her daughter Evelyn so much, so then why did she consistently leave, go off to satisfy her selfishness through her career. She married a man she didn't love - just to satisfy her sister? C'mon that's really lame. She then found another man whom she "adored." She married him in a private ceremony and didn't even invite her own daughter to the wedding. In reiteration, I'm convinced Sala suffered much, but I also think she took unfair advantage of her sister Dora, her borther-in-law Irving and even her husband Jerry. I don't think she even gave her first husband Ben a chance at their marriage. The author(s) are remiss in that they gave no details of her dislike for Ben, perhaps if this were offered, it might shed a different light on the matter. All in all, the book is okay, the descriptive elements are lacking, too many stepped over events. For me, this book just didn't really hang together. Sorry for the suffering of Sala and Dora while in the camps, but Sala needed to get her head on straight and not continue to take advantage of her wonderful sister.
COMMENT - BY AUTHOR - MARSHA CASPER COOK Your initial post: Sep 12, 2011 12:38:49 AM PDT Marsha Cook says: I am the author of this book Marsha Cook. I understand you have read over 45 books on the Holocaust but as the author I felt this book was written from the memories of very young girl who was luckily sheltered by the love her older sister had for her. Her first marriage was not one she would have chosen had she had the opportunity to choose. She thought what she was doing was right and because she was very young her marriage didn't last. The book purposely did not talk about her first husband because that was the survivors wish, and as the author I realized that Sala was brave enough to tell the world her story and she didn't want to discuss certain parts of her life.The events were told exactly as Sala knew them. I don't know if you are a survivor or not but I am not. This book was written for the positive attitude Sala has when she speaks to children and offers them hope if their own lives are less than perfect. She wanted to tell the world to move forward no matter how hard it is and that when you survive what she did it didn't stop her from going on and having a very nice life and a very wonderful family. Her book had only what she knows as the truth and as the writer I felt her strength of character compensated for lacking events. For me, the mere thought of being able to survive and able to grow up and have a life after being in such a living hell was enough. Every survivor knows their own story and that is hers. I am sorry you didn't feel anything for Sala because every time I look at Sala when she speaks all I see is a little girl who survived! Edit this post | Permalink

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Work In Progress
Author: Larry Sheridan
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Jeremy Jackson is about to experience life as if he is the primary actor in an episode of the Twilight Zone/ What you are about to her and real will enlighten the reader and help you understand that life throws you definite curves, appearances are deceiving, things happen and situations can be orchestrated, created and unexplainable. Jeremy stated his day like any other going through his normal routines, But, this day would turn out toe be anything but that. So, why would Jeremy be contemplating using a gun? What could make this intelligent and rational man want to resort to violence?

As he states, Let’s start at the beginning! Revved up like a racecar motor, excited about closing a potential business deal, Jeremy prepares to go to the airport and fly to LA. Events that happen forewarn him that something might go wrong and thing feel off balance. Premonitions, we all have that sixth sense or unnerving feeling that makes us wonder if we should get out of bed in the morning. We get that gnawing, nagging feeling that something is not right. But, do we listen to our inner voice or self, or just ignore it, shrug it of as just plain nerves or paranoia? Can you retrace your thoughts or double back when something seems wrong? So, when Jeremy relates to the reader his argument with his wife Cassie, his things he’s hiding for the form her, seeing a black cat stare at him when he leaves the house and a violent encounter with a police office plus getting rear ended, do you think maybe a warning or siren should have gone off in his head and yelled: STOP and THINK? But, Jeremy leaves the house, speeds to where he is going, gets stopped by a violent officer and meets one gorgeous woman at the airport who sets a plan in motion that you won’t believe and neither will he. Conniving, cunning, definitely outfoxing our Jeremy he falls prey to her wiles, and never suspects what is happening to him until it’s too late. Helping him through security, getting on the plane and not realizing that what he thought he was taking in meds was anything but his prescription.

Waking up feeling disoriented, unable to focus and unbalanced he thinks its stress, just not feeling well and never suspects the truth. You hear his fears, his frustrations, anger and inner most thoughts as Jeremy tries to figure out what is happening to him and the author takes you on a journey that will be anything but someone’s nightmare but definitely during the day. Trying to process what is happening and the events, he can’t. Maybe it’s something he ate or drank or something unknown. Able to understand most things but being able to process and put the facts together and in some order, no.

Every man needs an assistant to prepare his schedule, make appointments, take phone calls and keep his day straight. Tish is Jeremy’s trusted assistant. For all appearances she seems to be the perfect assistant able to coordinate his life, make sure that everything goes right, get the deals in order and make sure that Jeremy rakes in the money. As a financial advisor he comes in contact with huge amounts of money that he handles for clients. But, when he meets his driver and arrives at the airport things happen that make you realize there is much more to this meeting than meets the eye. John Stephens is the name of the man who is his driver. Appearances are not what they seem as you will learn. Tish his assistant appears to want to help him close this multi-million dollar deal at all cost. But, when the meeting is over and the plan presented to the group of men present, Jeremy thinks all is well, but is it? Ross Holder is the man in charge of the meeting and the group that he is presenting to. Who Ross and his connection to the truth behind the deal and the group funding it remains to be seen. As the men assemble in the conference room the games begin. Jeremy once again addresses the reader explains how the players appear to him, but who are they really and what are they really after? After all this is Las Vegas and the stakes are higher than the payout in black jacks or roulette.

As the meeting begins Jeremy thinks out loud to himself, switches fears, changes his plan and his presentation hoping to engage his audience, make a better impression and close the deal. Three strategies that are proposed yet not embracing any one. Engrossed in his presentation those present seem to be listening, hearing what he is saying, taking notes for further discussion. Questions flying, making, final decisions not made. But, as Jeremy leaves there are three more groups waiting in the wings to present their plan to win over and get the account for Portfolio K. Who will be the victor?

Returning home he sees his wife Cassie, expresses his true feelings, his thoughts about their past, their lives and their future. Regaling how life has its disappointments, joys and hoping to recapture some of their beginnings. But, then something happens, snaps his out of his reverie. Cassie begins to yell, scream and his vision is blinded and he does not know where she went or what happened to his children. Winding up win a car with his driver, his vision limited and his facts confused, he is not sure whether he dreamed what happened or if it is real. Jeremy’s lack of perception and reality become his norm, disoriented and confused his world turns dark but he has no idea the cause. Thinking he was in a car accident and in a coma for two weeks he awakens finding himself in restraints, his driver present and the truth about his identity revealed. What he learns frightens him, changes his perspective on life, his job and those he thought he could trust. Learning what is expected of him, who might be behind the deceit, the deals, and his supposed accident not only angers him but also puts him and his family in grave danger. As things progress he’s made to believe that he is in another car crash causing the deaths of several people, defending himself against an intruder in his home and finding out that one nurse is anything but what she appears to be and much more. Why? Threats, innuendos, intruders, police brutality, messages that are given and implants within his body to prevent him from not complying with the plan, Jeremy begins to not really know who or what he is. Would you squawk at getting an account that brings in over 300 million dollars? Would you complain if your assistant were so efficient that the financial benefits of what she has done are astronomical? Would you care if what she is into were illegal money laundering, deceit, murder and fraud? Would you fire her to learn you cannot? Who is behind the deals, the group that claims its works for the government? Where is the money coming from and what part does this John play, Tish and even his wife Cassie? Who can he trust? Anyone? Why are there so many bodies piling up and why is his world becoming surreal, contrived and totally orchestrated by a master conductor?

Author Larry Sheridan takes the reader along with Jeremy on a dangerous roller coaster ride with so many twists, turns, ups and downs, curves and fast paced speed that you won’t see the end coming and the final outcome will keep you on edge until you turn to the last page and find out the truth.

Life like a house of cards or dominoes can come falling down in a flick of a finger or wink of an eye. As the pieces fall into place and the truth behind the deception revealed what will happen to Jeremy, what will his final fate be and what will happen to his life, as he knows it? One ending that will have the reader hoping that Jeremy will come back again in another novel written by this outstanding and creative author. What is the final outcome? What exactly is the Company and when and how did it start? Well, there are cameras, bugs, videos, and surveillance equipment all over the place so that this reviewer will not reveal the secrets nor tell you the final outcome will be. This is one book you definitely want to read and one author who has taken the mystery/thriller genre by storm. Watch out Larry Sheridan is definitely going to be right up there with Steve Berry, James Grippando and Daniel Silva. Will Jeremy remain a work in progress or will he become a finished product? You decide when you read this Five Star Novel.


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Surya Reader "Jess"
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by Traci L. Slatton
Edition: Paperback
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Life changing book!!!!!!!, January 31, 2008
This review is from: Immortal (Paperback)
This is one of the best books I have ever read, of any time period, by any author! From start to finish, I couldn't put this book down. And for anyone looking for something deeper than your run-of-the-mill cheap, popular thrill - Immortal is definitely for you. This novel, set in 13th century Florence, follows the unnaturally long life of Luca Bastardo, an extraordinary man searching for love and the meaning of life. Luca is not your typical hero. He lives through the most horrible, depraved of sins and goes on to pave his winding path through the exciting worlds of art and alchemy, war and power, the most uplifting love and the agonizing pain of death. Along the way, he makes friends with many famed artists and political figures of the Renaissance. Let me emphasize though that you do NOT need a background in Art History to love this book! Slatton brings one of the most exciting periods of history to life and it stands completely on its own. No one could have created a better depiction of this time. Slatton does an impeccable job of merging a fascinating story with real historical events. And you'll fall in love with each and every character on the way!

This book takes a unique and interesting approach to historical fiction, one I haven't seen carried out with such artistic skill since Richard Powell's "Whom the Gods would Destroy," and that is placing a fictional character in a fantastical yet historically accurate world. Luca, by virtue of his long life, gets to meet and know some of the major figures of the Italian Renaissance, including Giotto, Boticelli, Lorenzo and Cosimo di Medici, and the great Leonardo da Vinci himself. Slatton creates such wonderful, true-to-life characters from these art history icons. I couldn't believe how much I, as the reader, felt for them, completely entrapped in their trials and tribulations. How strongly I loved the young, passionate and deeply intellectual Leonardo! How strongly I hated the brutal and severe Savonarola! And of course there is Luca's inveterate enemy in the Silvano family, but I'll leave that to you all to read...

"Immortal," like all great books, raises a few philosophical questions to the reader and explores them throughout the progression of the novel. Who, or what, is God? If God is all, how do we reconcile the "good" aspects of God with the "bad" ones? Is love the ultimate goal of any life? Luca lives through quite a few wars and participates in many battles over the course of his lifetime. We see Florence go through various ups and downs through his eyes, and we are left with the ultimate paradox between the "grand scheme" and the "individual experience." Is history about the big events, or is it merely the sum of more meaningful, personal experiences? In war, are unnecessary deaths sacrifices for the greater good, or should we take a more humanist approach and do whatever we can to minimize casualties and 'keep the peace?' You can see, this may be a historical fiction novel, but it's very relevant to our world today.

Highly well-written, richly detailed, yet completely readable; filled with history and still a complete page turner, "Immortal" is a must read for, well, everyone! Highly recommended!

-Jessie from CA

Title: The Watchman Of Ephraim
Author: Gerard
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Ash, cinders, smoke and fog filled the air, blinded the vision and burned the hands, faces and bodies of many as the two planes minutes apart crashed into the Twin Towers forever changing the skyline of our magnificent city and leaving in its wake a carnage that would forever be embedded in the mind, hearts and soul of every American. Air permeating with a foul and burnt smell that would remain as a lingering perfume that would haunt those that live near what is now names ground zero forever, one man, Kris DeNiro, shares his story with everyone as he remembers that fateful morning when all he wanted to do was present his precious wife, Lisa with some magnificent roses, take her to breakfast and savor the life he so proudly loved not knowing seconds later it would all end. 8:46 A.M. on September 11, 2001 would be the time that no one would ever forget. Walking into the North Tower, carrying these magnificent roses, Cris witnesses a sight that he would never forget, a pain that seared through his entire body and a loss that would never be replaced. As he walked to the elevators only to be shot back, burned, pushed and thrown into a heap on the street. Clothes on fire, body burned and trying to make sense of what happened, he manages to help a woman in distress, answers his cell phone only to hear his wife's plea for help hoping it was not too late. As the author allows the reader to hear Lisa's voice, her final words and experience the pain and agony of one man, who goes back into the building only to be forced to turn back. As he walked up the steps and made it to the 30th floor one firemen who would become a lifelong friend, ushers him back outside. Explaining that his sons needed him and that there was nothing they could do to save those on the 104th floor where his was trapped, Cris made his way back down, left the towers and had to find a way back into the world that would never be the same and deal with a pain, or permanent throb that would always be a reminder of that horrific day.

Moving to Las Vegas, millionaire, Cris DeNiro started over again along with Lisa's brother and his best friend Ricci. Starting their own business they would soon become involved in missions so dangerous and grave putting them in danger yet, hopefully saving the world from another September 11th. Working his way to the top of the hedge fund world, he becomes the owner of his own counter terrorism agency. As De Niro reads from the Bible, he finds a passage titled the "Watchman of Ephraim,' a defender who watched and defended his land. Buying into this counter terrorism agency he decides to form sculpt, form and create one that would mirror the original of the Watchman for the United States.

Cris DeNiro sent his brother-in-law to begin work as President of the new counter terrorism agency The Watchman Agency formerly Liberty Defense Contractors. Upon entering the office he encounters a pompous man named Les Pastek acting as President and another Charley Santappai, Director of Operations. But, that changes in as heartbeat as Ricci enlightens everyone and explains to Pastek his new role or fate.

At a gathering at his home in Las Vegas close friend and firefighter, Keith Tompkins asks Cris for a favor. Prominent in the news is the building of a mosque at Ground Zero that many; especially the family of the victims and Cris are opposed to. Enlisting his help to find out more about who is behind it and hoping he can some how buy the property of stop the construction of it, causes Cris, unknowingly to come front and center with the man that would eventually try and bring down a lot more than the Twin Towers. Hiding behind his true agenda, and pretending to want to know his views on the mosque being built there, Cris discuss his viewpoint as this man puts his people on alert and wants to find out more about our billionaire mogul.

The ten-year anniversary is coming up. A sober reminder of the horror of that day. What could be next? Are we ever going to be safe? As DeNIro viewed the site-remembered the day, you hear his voice, echo his words on the page as he reminds us of how many were buried alive there in what many of us call a true burial ground and building anything there would desecrate the memory of those lost and much more.

As he reflects and is approached by one man who questions his feelings about this mosque not realizing that he could soon be more than the downfall of our country. Victims reduced to ash on contact, soot, dust and cinder how could anyone in due conscience think to build on such sacred ground. But, the man, Aref Zamani masks his thoughts and marks his words. Alert! Red! Flash! Zamani- sends his men to investigate Cris. Would he realize the danger before it is too late?

As the true or prime focus of this company is brought to light we learn the history involved and behind the name Watchman and the reason why he formed this company. Purpose: Never let your guard down. Protect your country. Since our government had no warning nor did the American people- We were caught off guard that day- not forewarned by our intelligence organizations and the end result we all know.

As the new team and heads get to work and form their teams and choose their respective staffs, Cris informs Mugsy, Charlie and Johnny F the new head of intelligence and security of the real reason behind the agency and the Black Ops unit he needs to form and keep under the radar of everyone. ArchAngel: Never again will he allow what happened to his wife Lisa happen again. Just what this group will do and who will run it and how many men will be involved that remains to be seen.

Intel information alerts Cris about an operation in Mexican dealing with a dangerous drug cartel. Sending two men to investigate and find out more information should have been no problem. But, there's a plant or traitor working within their walls whose feeding Zamani information and the end result proves fatal when they come face to face with their killers. Through the information found in their new Big Brother computer network they learned about a 25 million dollar cash flow related to a Mexican operation. Knowledge needed: Is this money funding the building of the mosque or something else? Frustrated whey they do not hear from the agents, what they learn will leave permanent chills down your spine after you read the events so expertly described by this outstanding author. What really ads to the plot is the author allows the reader to hear the inner thoughts, conflicts and emotions of each character when he/she expresses doubt, fear or conflict.

Truth be told and the traitor uncovered what happens next will alert this person of impending danger when teaming up with the wrong side. But, although injured and hurt what happens next creates fear in the minds of the terrorist forcing them to take stronger action and hopefully revenge on the one man he is really after: DeNiro.

DeNiro's team finds out more than these people realize and the race to see which side will succeed is definitely on and the starting gun has already been fired.

As Charley and the crew of the Santana go on a recovery mission and hopefully bring back the two agents, they face other adversaries before the truth about what really happened to the men is revealed. The end result will cause your heart to race, ignite your energy and create a definite rise in your anxiety level as you cannot put the book down, rush to turn each page and wait for the explosive ending.

Thinking he can bring down DeNiro hacking into his network, Zamani is toying with the wrong man and just might be out of his league. The Watchmen are smart, clever and crafty and definitely not to be under estimated and Americans: never underestimate us either!

Each member on high Orange Alert at all times using methods not often conventional, you come to route for their success and with they were not just part of the author's imagination in this first rate thriller.

Underlying this plot is one between Cris and Moriah that is not fully developed but hopefully will unfold in the future. Each losing a spouse on September 11, 2001, their feelings even after ten years raw, and the memories fixed in their minds, they are not ready to fill that empty void. Will they in the future remains to be seen as the main even has not been unfolded. Meeting her at a July 4th gathering the author allows the reader to her thoughts feels and entertains her doubts about meeting his billionaire and his two sons. Will something happen between them? That remains to be seen.

The truth behind Zamani's miss is revealed and the players are all in place- bomb is set to explode and the martyrs thinking they will succeed. A bomb is supposed to explode over Las Vegas is the goal? Can he be stopped? Wait and see! What they have planned is so far creative that no one will expect it. Invade DeNiro's ranch- capture or interrogate him but first they have plans for his kids, staff and more- horrific, deadly-bone-chilling to say the least.
As the phones go dead, computers compromised, leaks revealed- what happens next you will not believe as the enemy finds it way to close to its targets. Battle lines drawn- on site combat- families in danger. DeNiro needs to work fast as ArchAngel and Shadow Wolves team up to fight for their lives when the enemy comes knocking at their front door.

But, just who would deliver this package and where will it land? One twist, turn and surprise that I cannot reveal: You can place your bets on the roulette wheel as to who comes out the winner: Red the Enemy or Black DeNiro!

Just what happens you will not expect and will surprise the reader. One-man fights not only for his family, county and the memory of his wife Lisa, but those who gave theirs on 9/11 and those who lost theirs fighting this war you have to read for yourself. Who wins and who loses? Just how many lives are sacrificed and what is next for the team of the Watchman- only the author Gerard demerging knows that for sure. Let's hope he brings Cris, Brian, Johnny F, Michelle and the rest back again in a sequel to this great thriller. This book is a sober reminder that we must never let our guard down, we must fight for our country and we must remember those who gave their lives that horrific day. Tuesday: September 11, 2001: Never Again!