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Monday, August 30, 2010

Special Blog talk radio show ...Red River Radio - Tuesday August 31,2010 - Fran Lewis Host / Marsha Cook -

A very special show will take place on August 31,at 3PM CST - 4PM EST- AT The show is a Red River Radio feature. Red River Radio would like to welcome everyone to the first of four special shows dedicated to children’s authors. This show will feature authors whose books are geared to early childhood student’s grades k-2. Although many of the books can be used as read alouds in any classroom from k-5 the reading levels of these books would be for children in the lower grades.

The lessons taught in each of these books can be used in classrooms teaching Character Education, Sunday School Classrooms, for parents to read at night to their children and in libraries or bookstores during story time. This is a special edition for teachers, children, parents, grandparents and anyone that loves to read children’s books and YA books. Red River Radio would like to announce this special edition of Book Discussion with your host book reviewer, author and writer Fran Lewis.

This show will feature the best of children’s writing with authors writing in many different genres. Each book will be geared to early childhood children, elementary school students or young adults and teens. The authors will entice readers by telling you about his/her book and reading a short excerpt to really make you want to go out and buy it for your children, grandchildren and friends. School is about to open in some states and has in many others and what better way to get a head start on books needed for research, book reports and just plain fun, by listening to our show, hearing about these great authors and their books and joining in the discussion.

The authors featured for the show and the titles of the books they will be discussing for the first show are Sherry Ellis: THAT MAMA IS A GROUCH, Tracy Searight -Dilbert : THE DETECTIVE PANCAKE, Tony Angelo: VERY CLEVER FIREFLY, Concetta M. Payne: BOBO RACES ON THE TRICKY TRIANGLE, Freda Roberts: ANGEL ON MY SIDE and Marsha Cook: SNACK ATTACK . This is going to be a great show so please join us and have some fun.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Be sure to listen on Monday August 30, 8 PM CST Red River Radio
/ A Good Story Is A Good Story. It’s on every week, same time same place – Marsha Cook is the host and her co- hosts are April Robin, Freda Roberts and Virginia Grenier. Marsha is a screenwriter, novelist and the President of Marcus Bryan and Associates Michigan Avenue Media and Marcus Maxwell Inc. April is the CEO of Robin Falls, the creator of a wonderfully talented network of writers are well as children’s authors. Freda is a talented writer and creator of Literary Lounge on Facebook.Virginia is the Founder and Owner of Stories for Children Publishing LLC; she’s an author and editor and writes a successful blog. She will also be starting up her magazine very soon and we will be getting weekly updates on her progress. We will have an update of Bess the Book Bus a traveling bus that promotes literacy. Our special guest this week is Carmela Green Foster. She will be discussing how being on you tube can make your dreams become reality. There is a way and Carmela is going to talk about her techniques and some of her inside secrets that will help promote your books or just about anything that needs promoting. PR is the most important element in a successful project.

Every week we will be having a few brief discussions. This week’s discussions are going to be ones that you won’t want to miss. APRILS’S PICK is a brief discussion about one of Hollywood's new TV hits. This week the show is PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. If that's not enough we have added a brief discussion about some of the golden moments of Hollywood Movies, FREDA’S FAVORITES. This week is FUNNY GIRL. We will also hear VIRGINIA’S PERSPECTIVE on what not to do when writing. There’s also a new addition to the show. An author will be calling in and sharing their new book and briefly talking about their career. Fran Lewis will be giving a mini preview on her new book, SHARP AS A TACK.

Leave your stress behind and join in every Monday night. You’ll have