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Monday, August 2, 2010


On August 2 at 8pm Central join RED RIVER RADIO host Marsha Cook and her co - hosts April Robin, Freda Roberts and Virginia Grenier. The chat room and phone lines (646) 595-4478
are open for callers. This week’s show is going to be filled with exciting segments that you won't want to miss. The special guest on the HOLLYWOOD COMES TO CHICAGO show is Ruth Ratny. She is a true legend which is why she has recently been given The Chicago International Film Festival’s Hugo Legend Award. She is the owner of a very successful online trade publication, REEL CHICAGO, Everyone in Chicago knows Ruth and waits for her publication just to see what’s going on in Chicago that they should know about. Also on the show we have April’s Pick, Virginia’s Perspective and Freda’s Favorite Films. So join in for the fun and listen to, A Good Story is Good Story, you’ll be glad you did. Link to show -