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Monday, July 5, 2010


Beginning Monday July 12th at 8 pm Central, join host Marsha Cook and her two co-Hosts April Robins, and Freda Roberts. Marsha Cook is a screenwriter, novelist and the President of Marcus Bryan & Associates and Michigan Avenue Media. April is the CEO of Robin Falls, the creator of a wonderfully talented network of writers as well as a children's author. Freda Roberts is a talented writer and the creator of the Literary Lounge on Facebook. All three of these women especially Freda have learned how to be successful in the social network community.

The new time will allow listeners to hear the show live instead of on demand, however on demand will be available when the show is over. A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY is going to be fun, informative and very entertaining.

Marsha Cook has been the host since the show began but she has added two co hosts April Robin and Freda Roberts. They will welcome a new assistant for the show, Virginia S.Grenier; Virginia is the Founder & Owner of Stories for Children Publishing LLC. Their guests will be entertainers, novelists, screenwriters, directors, producers, publishers and publicists. There will be a special male guest co host every week and to start the show off on July 12, Craig Clyde will join the show. He’s a screenwriter, novelist and Movie Director. He has directed over eighteen films and he will be discussing his new film ROOTBEER CHRISTMAS.

The chat lines will be open and they welcome callers. There is a new and exciting addition that will really spice up the show … Movie and Television reviews. If you have a television show or a favorite movie that you want to talk about go into the chat room or make a call. It’s time to talk entertainment. Please feel free to call in at 646-595- 4478. Forget the stress and join Marsha, April, Freda and Virginia every Monday night at 8 pm Central. You will be glad you did.