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Saturday, April 3, 2010


On Friday April 9 at 12:00 (central) I will be hosting a new Robin Falls Kids Blog Talk Radio Show. This show will be about kids and teens and the problems and concerns they have. The way America’s children eat and their health is a huge concern. Cooking from scratch is not a new concept but it is an important one. During the coming months I will be having shows about many of the issues that plague our children’s lives. If there are topics you would like addressed please let me know.

Last week on Friday night on ABC, I was watching a new show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Jamie is a very successful British chef who has come to America to help the kids in America have a long healthy life. I couldn't’t help but become engrossed in the subject matter. Jamie Oliver inspires children to eat healthy. I watched the show again this week and was more impressed with Jamie Oliver’s technique than before. His campaign to change the way America’s children eat is quite an accomplishment. He knows it’s going to be hard but he has decided that this is something he wants to do and as far as I can see he is devoted to his cause and I am confident this is something that will change our children’s lives for the better.

Kids are our future and that is why this concept is going to be so beneficial to the kids in America and their families. His message for the schools was to try to have the kitchen staff cook from scratch and stop serving lunches that were not as healthy as the children needed .The food he prepares looks great and if the kids in America start eating right we will be a much stronger country. Eating right is a way to a healthier lifestyle and if we start introducing a healthy diet to children early on it will be with them for their entire life. It’s all about getting used to something new.

The link to the website is

Check this site out. You will be glad you did.

Marsha Cook