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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last night on blogtalkradio something happened that gave me hope that there is more than just a chance that writers can get their work out to the public.

Months ago I had seen a request to be involved in an Internet writers group that involved being a guest on a radio show. I said yes and after contacting the CEO of RED RIVER WRITERS, April Robins, everything changed for me.

I have been looking for a way to help my clients market their work. Well it is now possible. My clients have written a play "BOYS OF WINTER" that has been produced in Boston and are now looking to produce it in Chicago. Reminding myself that this was a play about Viet Nam I remembered reading a blog about one of the Red River Writers show hosts, Mike Marcellino, who was in Viet Nam. Mike was an Army war correspondent.

He invited Barry Brodsky, Eric Small & Dean B. Kaner, who collaborated over the Internet to write "Boys of Winter," a play about the cost of the Vietnam War in the lives of three Minnesota hockey players, staged by Boston Playwrights' Theatre to be guests on his show and asked them to do a reading.

The Radio show was wonderful but the reading from the play “BOYS OF WINTER" was so touching I now know this project will definitely find a new home and it will receive the necessary financing it needs to be produced in Chicago. I had no idea that I would have felt so much more connected to the characters as it was being read on the radio show. Chicago will be a great place to continue the message that “BOYS OF WINTER” represents.

Please go to the link below and listen to the show and see if you feel as I do. Please feel free to e- mail me at

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