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Thursday, December 16, 2010


RRW - A Good Story Is A Good Story - - 12 Noon CST - 1 PM EST December 21 - Join Marsha Cook and her special guest R.W. Doyen, author of, A FATHERS ANGUISH. Fran Lewis will review the book, A Father's Anguish and then the discussion will begin with host Marsha Cook and Fran Lewis.

It is estimated that one million rapes occur each year, less than 30% are reported.Raymond Doyen has written an outstanding novel, A FATHER’S ANGUISH which addresses this issue. What makes this book so very special was this story is based on the truth. Every parent wishes to erase anything bad that happens to their children, but sometimes that isn't possiblet. It’s all about finding that place in your heart that can comfort your child so your child knows that you are there for them no matter what. Raymond Doyan does just that in his remarkable novel which parallels what has happened to his own family.

The discussion will become personal as we unfold what a parent can do when their child is abducted and raped. Raymond‘s book gave his daughter a true understanding of how he felt and one step closer to her recovery.

Listen in and hear how a family survives such a devastating episode in their life. All of his reviews have been five stars and he is an entertaining and powerful writer who has written what he knows with the knowledge that somewhere out there some young woman may be next. Read this book and be prepared to watch every step you take to protect yourself. Don’t think for a moment this can’t happen to you! Read this book and listen to blogtalkradio – to hear the real story behind this book – A Father’s Aguish.

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