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Friday, November 5, 2010

RRWL - A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - NOV 9 12 NOON CST - JOHN KREMER SPECIAL GUEST 11/9/2010 - Red River Radio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY - Special Guest John Kremer -Tuesday November 9 - 12 NOON - CST Red RIVER WRITERS LIVE Host Marsha Cook has changed the day and time of her show.

You can listen on line or call in - 646-595-4478 - will be podcast when show is over

NEW SHOW - Starting Tuesday November 9, at 12 NOON CST. Fran Lewis, a frequent guest book reviewer,will be joining the discussion. The very first show on Tuesday the 9th of November will be just as much fun as the evening shows. Virginia Grenier will be joining the show but in January she will be the host of her own show. John Kremer, a very special guest will be talking about writing,selling and marketing books.John is an expert in book marketing and will answer questions that will help you be a better more successful writer.There is only one man who does it all and that is John Kremer. His advice works and he will be sharing his secrets. Denise Spooner will be re- joining the show and she will be in the chat room and on the phone. You can listen on line or call in 646) 595-4478. Please feel free to call or chat and tell them what’s on you mind. Every week the discussions will be different and lively. There will be book reviews and movie reviews. Join in the fun and if you have an idea for a show please feel free to contact Marsha at 847-441-4271 or e- mail her at"