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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look At What You're Missing

Look At What You're Missing, is what I have named my new blog. I am starting this blog because after listening to and reading about hundreds of self - published new authors and seasoned authors, I feel that not enough is being done to open doors for them. Traditional Publishers should take a look at some of these wonderful books and publish them.

Being a self published writer is a really tough road to travel. Every self- published writer knows that somewhere deep down in their heart is a place called just in case...that means just in case a publisher will look at your book on Amazon or other sites and decide to traditionally publish your book. Well, unfortunately that isn't the case. Self- publishing can be a lonely place but because of social networking the self - published author has found friends, not one or two friends but thousands of friends and suddenly the world doesn't seem lonely. I am one of your friends and it's time to stand up and say yes... YES, I AM SELF - PUBLISHED AND I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR TRYING!

Now, with that being said,it's time to keep writing those books because you are making a difference in the world. What the traditional publishers don't realize is what a strong wonderful group of people you are. You are good writers with good stories, and you keep going.

Some of you may have made a few mistakes but you keep trying.You have an have the readers on your side. The readers like your books and they are buying them. They follow you on twitter, facebook and all the other social networking sites.I think all of you are great for not giving up.I am starting a new group. It's a great new group that will stand up for each other and say we are good writers and we want to sell books. Self- published writers will continue to write good stories. I will be adding authors to my website for $30.00 a year. I will post blogs, e- mails and press releases to help. I have a lot of ideas that can help. These books should be noticed.

I know how you feel because I am a self published writer.We can turn the corner and really shine. This time around it's going to be different! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE MISSING, is just what the doctor ordered! We don't want to hear the words or see the words, NO SELF PUBLISHED WRITERS ALLOWED. Please e- mail me if you are interested.My e- mail address is

Marsha Cook
Michigan Avenue Media LLC - 847-441-4271