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Monday, July 19, 2010


Many people have asked me why I have self – published books. My answer is always the same. That wasn’t my original plan. I now feel so lucky that self- publishing has turned into a very impressive division of the writing world.

When my books are being read, the reader isn’t as interested in the publisher as they are in the author. They really don’t care who publishes the book, they are reading the story. If they like what they have read I have done my job. With all the talk about self publishing, the one thing that is hardly ever talked about is the reader. If the reader is happy I am happy. So, when you’re sitting at your computer wondering if what you are doing makes any sense at all try to remember, give your reader a good story and they will come back for more.

On Monday night please click on the link below. A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY will discuss self publishing and how you can start your writing career in just a few short months. You will learn how to make your dream of writing a book become a reality.