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Thursday, November 19, 2009


After reading a blog I responded. I have never done this before but I felt the need to respond:

The question being asked was... But where, in this wealth of storytelling, are the books for girls? What has happened to the books that explore friends and families, girls' lives and adventures? Are they not being published, are they not being written, or are they not being 'seen'? While teens are well provided for, girl readers aged eight to 11 or 12 years are not, and we should be asking, why?

My comment...

I have a book that young girls would love or should I say do love when they get the opportunity to read the book. Unfortunately, Sala, More Than A Survivor has been sold on a limited basis because the book has been self- published. Sala is a very inspiring speaker at the Holocaust Museum in Illinois.

Young girls are speechless after hearing her story, as well as the male teens. This true story has been written just as she told it told it to me and because she is still alive it makes this a wonderful experience for all the young students who are fortunate enough to hear her story. She doesn’t hold back when she speaks to the teens but she does it in a very positive way and when they leave the auditorium they are encouraged by her words. She always ends on a positive note.

I would hope the traditional publishers would take a second look at some of the really good stories they are missing, including Sala, More Than A Survivor. The book has been published by Fideli Publishing. It's time to make some changes. A good story is a good story...

Sala, More Than A Survivor: This is an inspirational true story of Sala Lewis, who at age 10 saw her family taken away by the Nazis. Her uncompromising determination led her to the same camp as her sister Dora, and together the two young sisters fought to keep themselves and their fellow prisoners alive. The book then follows Sala as she comes to America, marries and has a family.
20 Nov 09 04:07

Marsha Casper Cook

SALA,MORE THAN A SURVIVOR is available at and