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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I watched the Oprah show tonight and I was so glad to see Stephanie Meyer's interview become a very positive training tool. Sucess stories like Stephanie Meyer's is the reason I keep repeating my message all the time. She wrote the Twilight Series.

I know Stephanie's story about how she came to write the book and have it published is what we all as writers work for. It's just like any of our stories... except she made it happen for herself. She could be any of you sitting out there ready to give up...DON'T! I believe her story can be your story. She kept trying even though she got rejected many times.

What an interview! It was so powerful and wonderful. She is all of us that keep writing day in and day out. It does happen. Listening to everything Stephanie said I knew that her story is a great one. Success can happen.

Sometimes when writers like myself sit in front of the computer or stare at a blank piece of paper we have to believe we can do this. Sometimes a pep talk to ourselves is the only way we can get the words on the page. I have faith that my work will not go unnoticed but if by some small chance I'm wrong about my work I am still very happy that I self - published my books. Somewhere,somehow I know it will happen. And just as I know that I also know all of you that are reading this will also have that chance at success.

When you have a chance go to Stephanie's website and read her story. Once you finish reading about her success you will feel like continuing on with your project.I know I did.