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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Climbing Boy Is Magical

The book market seems to be over crowded by books that after the last page is read you forget the details of the book, who wrote it and pretty soon the entire memory of the book is gone. That is not the case with Mark Lichterman’s book, The Climbing Boy. We thank Metropolis Ink. for discovering the author, Mark Lichterman, a truly wonderful storyteller.

The story of The Climbing Boy takes place on December 24, 1843 the day before Christmas. The magical moments and the hope for a future of wonderful things to come are what makes this book an exceptional read. Metropolis Ink has truly found a treasure.

This year has been a very stressful one for most of us and that is why Michigan Avenue Media LLC. recommends this book for everyone. The magical feelings that evoke from this wonderful Christmas book are emotionally satisfying. The Climbing Boy has all the possibilities of becoming a classic and we know it will. When something this special comes along we can’t help but hope others feel as we do.

Here are some of the reviews from Amazon:

work of an artist, August 17, 2003
don davey (Carmel Ca) - See all my reviews
Loved it, best book I have read in years. A friend told me about it and loaned me a copy. Whatever I say would not begin to do it justice. Buy it or if necessary borrow it but read it and enjoy. Im sure you will as I did, want it in your permanent collection. Mark is a true artist and I look forward to his next work

New, exciting, upcoming Author, July 6, 2008
Bruce G. Berger (Westlake Villagel, CA) -
This 'feel good' tale by Mark Lichterman, a relatively unknown, but upcoming author, is way more than just another Christmas story. It is a classic description of the London chimney sweeping trade, brought to life by superb characterization of its main players. The reader immediately bonds with Zachariah, an eight year old child, who you want to bring home, bathe, feed, clothe and just cuddle. He will steal your heart while other feelings of anger, rage and resentment arise from the provocative personality of William Johnson, the boy's Master. Lichterman, in expert fashion, weaves a very twisted, intertwining yarn that has you holding your breath until the very end. This book is a must read and I can hardly wait to get a copy of the authors newest book, Becoming.

A great read, July 21, 2003
Carter Mc Intyre (Winnetka, Ca United States) - See all my reviews
It is a great read. I believe that it should be made into a movie by Disney.

Great Book
Carter Mc Intyre (Winnetka, Ca United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Climbing Boy (CD-ROM)
Mark Lichterman wrote an excellent book. I truly believe that Disney or Pixar studios should do an animation movie of the book. It would make a great film that would appeal to both adults and children. I hope he writes more books in the future.

Great book
Joseph C. (Chicago, Illinois) -
This review is from: The Climbing Boy (CD-ROM)
You can really feel like your part of the story. The people in the book are so real.
Also, it wasn't hard to use. I just clicked on a little icon after inserting the cd into my computer. I think this is a good e-book for people who are new to their computers.