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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Self- Published Authors Can Be Very Good Authors

Sometimes in life there are causes worth fighting for. I feel there are so many self-published authors that write wonderful books it seems totally unfair to classify every self published book as a book that isn't as good as a traditionally published book. There are traditionally published books that aren't great as well as self published books. Not every writer is a great writer, however if they keep writing they might become a very good writer. I would assume that most everyone has read a book that hasn't been the most fabulous story that they had ever read, but it was published.
As I was writing this blog I came up with what I think is a wonderful idea for all self published authors. I think the timing is just right. I would like anyone that has read this blog to please send me a couple pages of their book and I will choose several writers depending on how many authors send me their work to be part of my blog. The books have to be copyrighted and self published. I will bet some of these authors are going to shock you as to how good they really are.
I know this is going to be fun and very entertaining.
Please let me hear from you. We can make a difference....

Marsha Cook
Michigan Avenue Media LLC