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Monday, November 6, 2017

Readers and Reviewers - Host Marsha Casper Cook - World Of Ink Network 11/07 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

Readers and Reviewers - Host Marsha Casper Cook - World Of Ink Network 11/07 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts:

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Please join Marsha Casper Cook when she welcomes Angela Campbell on Tuesday November 7 at 4EST 3 CST 2 MT 1 PST. Angela is a reviewer and blogger. She is a great friend to writers with honest reviews about the books she reads and helpful criticism if she feels it would help the author.

She has recently added services for writers. Marsha and Angela will be opening the discussion if you would like to call in. Call in number 714-242-5259

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Thursday, October 5, 2017



JUDY SNIDER’S: THE DONATION MAN: Reggie is back and the stakes are higher.  What if you are called to ask for a Donation, and suddenly your life was in danger?


HRW member Judy Snider has a new book out, The Donation Man, available on Kindle and Paperback. This is Judy's second suspense book set in New Orleans. Detective Sam and News-person Reggie, beloved characters from Too Late to Run, return to be embroiled in a web of terror when an evil man seeks revenge. On an extended news assignment in New Orleans, Reggie begins to fear she is being stalked after she receives an angry donation call. She thinks she must be imagining that someone is trying to hurt her until she is pushed down. Her love, Sam, is about to visit Reggie, but decides to quickly come after he senses she is in danger. Along with the help of her co-workers, friends, and Sam and his detective friends they try to track down this unknown person, before the Donation Man harms her.

Judy Snider/Author/Song Lyrics

Praise for TOO LATE TO RUN:

What a great read! The suspenseful plot and compelling characters pulled me along for a deeply entertaining reading experience. Ms. Snider really hit the nail on the head with her understanding of what it's like when decent people find themselves thrust into a fight for survival against a destructive psychopath: Beach Reader

Too Late To Run is so wonderfully beguiling that I couldn't put it down. Maggie Andrews awakes to a day that is anything but average, as she is nearly blown up. Then somehow, along with her sister Alice, Detective Mike Pierce, and Reporter, Reggie Page, she’s drawn into the murderer’s web of terror as he proceeds to hunt them down. The cast of characters in this book is amazingly complex and very well developed, and not just the lead characters. Raina A. Young

Author Judy Snider presents the issues of friendship, loyalty, understanding, fraud, lies, betrayals, bullying, donation fraud and a man who justifies his actions within his own mind and when you hear his voice as she places his thoughts in italics, you will learn just who and where those donations are going. Surprise twists, suspense and tension The DONATION MAN will give you pause for thought before making any promises to donate money without knowing which organization you are giving the donation.

                                                     AUTHOR’S BIO: JudySnider


Judy Snider has written three books, one of which (Goldy's Baby Socks, a Cat Writer's Association Muse Award Winner and Mom's Choice Award Winner) is also in Spanish. She is a member of Hampton Roads Writers and The Cat Writer's Association. Book website: ; She also wrote a novel of suspense: Too Late To Run, by World Castle Publishers, and her second suspense novel, The Donation Man comes out Sept.18, 2017 on Amazon with World Castle. She was one of the contributors in the book, The Sacred Purse.
She and her sister Joan's book, I Love You, Be Careful is a Mom's Choice Award Recipient. It is perfect for baby shower and wedding shower gifts for grownups...very sentimental and beautiful illustrations by Cady Driver. Judy is the proud mom of two grown sons, has two silly cats, and her husband, Gil Snider, wrote Brain Warp, a Medical/Political Thriller. Joan is also a proud parent and grand parent, is married and has a cat, Coffee.
Judy and Gil just came out with a beautiful mother/son wedding song on Amazon and YouTube, What More Can I Say, featuring singer Edith Eloise. She writes song lyrics with her husband, Gil, and has songs on digital sites and Amazon, one with Billy Rae Stewart (If I Call A Name At Night). Judy also has two other songs out with Gil Snider, Invisible and Word's I Just Can't Say. You can learn more/listen at her main official website, and listen to her and her husband, Gil's songs available at Amazon Music.

ASIN: B0756PN1B6
 Kindle Edition: 5.99
 Paperback: 10.99

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WOI Special Guest - Fran Lewis- Host Marsha Casper Cook 10/03 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

WOI Special Guest - Fran Lewis- Host Marsha Casper Cook 10/03 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts:

Please join Marsha Casper Cook when she welcomes Fran Lewis on Tuesday October 3 at
1 30 PST 230 MT 3 30CST 430 EST.

 Fran is an author, publisher, book reviewer, magazine editor and very successful Radio Host. She uses her skills to help authors sell their books. She understands authors and their stories making her one of the most popular Reviewers and Podcast Hosts. Her reviews are complete and done with great care. She also writes a great synopsis, which most authors need to promote their work. She is currently the Editor of her Magazine MJ Magazine, named after her sister. She is now on her eleventh issue where she features authors and their work. She also includes Writing Tips, Book Reviews and Fran's Pick, a featured Short Story. Her new book, A Daughter's Promise, are her mother's own thoughts from her journal about her ordeals with the various stages of this debilitating and dehumanizing condition. Her outlook on life was remarkable, and although her mind began to wander, she never lost sight of who she was, her sense of humor, or her family. This book is dedicated to the promise Fran made to her mother.

The broadcast is live and later will be on demand.


Monday, September 25, 2017


Please join Marsha Casper Cook on  Monday September 25th at 10 PST 11MT  Noon CST 1 PM EST for a WORLD OF INK NETWORK Special with award winning Author Gerard de Marigny who has just completed co-writing the reboot of the GRIZZLY ADAMS TV series, GRIZZLY ADAMS: The Gold Rush Years with his writing/producing partner Michael Greenburg and Tod Swindell, now in development. In 2017, de Marigny also co-wrote two feature films with Greenburg: APERTURE: The Dorothea Lange Story, a biopic focusing on the classic works by the famed photojournalist, and BLACK ICE, the epic and virtually unknown tale of the fabled champions of the Colored Hockey League (CHL). 

In August 2017, de Marigny was brought on board as narration writer for a new reality series created and produced by Greenburg and Chad Denning in development on CMT Network. In September 2017, de Marigny became co-writer of the feature film, LEONARDO, originally written by Greenburg.

In November 2016, de Marigny and Greenburg completed the screenplay CRIS DE NIRO: THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM now in development with Legendary Entertainment, based on de Marigny’s first novel, The Watchman of Ephraim (Cris De Niro, Book 1). de Marigny and Greenburg have already begun beating out the sequel, CRIS DE NIRO: Signs of War based on the second novel in the CDN series

Monday, September 18, 2017

Writing With Style - Host Marsha Casper Cook 09/19 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

Writing With Style -

Please join Marsha Casper Cook on September 19th at 4EST 3CST 2MT 1PST when she welcomes two award winning authors Mike Petit and Linda L Barton for a live show. If you can't listen live it will be on demand as soon as the show is over. So you want to write a book. Sounds good but where do you begin? And then what do you do after you finish? That's what Mike, Linda and Marsha are going to talk about. If you think you've heard it before you haven't heard Mike and Linda's expertise. It's going to be a great show.

Call in to talk to the authors (714) 242-5259

For shows on demand and more -

Monday, September 4, 2017

This show is cancelled. We hope all our friends are safe and after the storms pass we will be doing our show. Stay safe and be well!

 This show is cancelled. We hope all our friends are safe and after the storms pass we will be doing our show. Stay safe and be well!

New Show - World Of Ink Network - Monday September 11 5:30 PST  6:30 MT 7:30 CST 8:30 EST

Summer's Over Listen Live 


Host and Award-winning Author Virginia S Grenier is back on the World of Ink Network with an engaging show where she and Marsha Casper Cook will be talking with guests about the writing life and so much more. This witting show will not only allow listeners to get to know authors, publishers, actors, directors and many more, but learn a few trade secrets along the way, too. Joining the show this week are Award-winning Authors Mike Petit and Johnny Worthen.